30 DAYS OF THANKFUL – DAY FIFTEEN: Sunshine and Rain

Today I am thankful for sunshine and rain both literally and figuratively.

I am thankful for rain and all the nourishing aspects of rain and for sunshine and all the nourishment it brings to our environment. My mother likes to talk about the weather. A particular fascination for her is the amount of rain she has received. I can remember as a child how she would document on a calendar the 1/10th of inches of rain and you analyze this data against data from other years. I remember many childhood suppers where this was ALL my folks discussed – YAWN!!

I believe our weather discussions frustrate both my mother and I equally. I have the attitude that the weather is going to do what it does with or without my attention; therefore, to spend time discussing and analyzing is wasted time. And obviously, my mother is a weather watcher!


photo via flickr @skatejpg

I am also thankful for the sunshine and rain in my life figuratively.

A silly ditty from an 80’s sitcom popped into my head as I wrote the above line – ‘you take the good, you take the bad and there you have the facts of life” – and I think it represents reality. Life is a combination of good and bad. Today I am equally thankful for the bad times which teach me so much and the good times which…well, are just good 🙂

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