who is this gayle tabor

Strangely enough my name is Gayle Tabor.

The hardest story to tell is your own.  So rather than bore you with a long tale, here are a few bullet points that (hopefully) will get the job done.

  • I like people with opinions (it’s fodder for fun and interesting conversations);
  • Being uncompromising in your beliefs is admirable, but I get bored with people who can’t listen to someone elses opinion;
  • My tea will be iced and sweet, thank you very much;
  • I over think most everything;
  • I am very passionate (about, well,  about the whole lot);
  • Gossip bores me;
  • I love the color orange, Oreos, and Mountain Dew;
  • Music with harmony in the voices is my preferred ;
  • I trust very slowly;
  • Change for no other reason than to change is a waste of time;
  • I’m proud to be a Southerner;
  • Because that’s how we’ve always done it is a poor reason not to evolve;
  • I really like my environment to be orderly;
  • Church should have old fashion hymns (and hymnals);
  • I cry at movies;
  • I love to dabble (which makes me able to do many things but none to perfection);
  • Winning is fun, but not at the cost of friendship or fun;
  • If I don’t know the words (and often even if I do) I make up my own words to songs;
  • I have a dry sense of humor (and all aspects of life are silage for my humor);
  • I pretend that my dogs carry on conversations with me;
  • Meals with friends often last for hours because of the extraordinary conversations;
  • I have a theory about almost everything (and if I don’t have one, give me minute and I will);
  • Philosophical and abstract ideas and discussions are most enjoyable;
  • I love to read lawyer / cop /who done it type books;
  • I want to play the bagpipes but am unwilling to put in the practice time;
  • And I struggle to be a positive person (I naturally default to the negative) which is why I write often about how to stay positive. I write this blog as a way to help me to be better with my struggles.

So, stop by often, grab a glass of sweet tea (it’s all we serve around here) and sit a spell and join in the conversation.


My Family

Marshall, Me, Jenn, and Wrigley


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