Be Like Me

Love ’em or hate ’em in the past 48 hours  the ‘Be Like Me’ or ‘Be Like Bill’ memes have taken over the world, at least the social media world.

None of the ‘canned’ ones suited me. So, I made my own.

Be Like Gayle













They have been my team since they first took the field in 1995. I hope this is THE year they come home with the Lombardi Trophy.

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I brought home a chair

It is with regret that I inform you that after 17 years in exile my desk chair has come home.

Gayle's Desk Chair








As you can see the chair is broken which is how it ended up in exile. I took it home, to my parent’s house – which I still considered home in 1997, for my father to repair.

It was an unusual trip home for me. I’d just visited the weekend before, for Mother’s Day. But I took a day off on Monday May 19th and spent a long weekend at my folks. I had ever so slightly kissed the rear-end of another vehicle in the weeks before and had acquired a new bumper for my truck.  That was the real reason for my visit. I had a new bumper and my dad and I spent the weekend putting on a new bumper. I thought we’d have time to repair the chair as well….but time ran short.

I had no idea how short!

My dad wasn’t one to wax eloquent about things, but as we worked that weekend we talked. We talked about deep subjects, particularly death and dying. At the time I knew he was speaking about a fatal diagnosis my uncle, his brother-in-law, had just received, but as fate would have it, it was a conversation I have taken much comfort in over the years. I also take much comfort that because of the conversation that weekend, my dad left me an ‘I love you’. It was never something we said but……

As I was preparing to leave on that Monday afternoon; we decided I should just leave the chair and daddy would fix it and I would bring it back on my next visit. I left it just inside the door in my dad’s barn (AKA workshop). Until this past weekend it has never been moved.

Last weekend, when I took the chair from the barn, my mom asked ‘are you going to take that chair with you’. I tried to explain but couldn’t … that it was exactly one week from being 17 years since I left it for my daddy to repair. It was time to move on and fix the chair myself.

I miss him every day! But especially this time of year!

This year, pops…..I’m fixing that chair!

don tabor

September 30, 1931 – May 27, 1997

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I am from Red Dirt

Last evening I was introduced to a poem – “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon. We were offered a template and encouraged to write and share our own version.

I wrote a few things last night but the thoughts have lingered on into today. So, I took some time to rewrite – to add – to polish – to reminisce. It’s funny how emotional it feels…how personal. I added pictures, because they made me smile…because they also represent where I am from.

Last night I so appreciated how well I felt I got to know those who shared. It gave a new appreciation for people and their past. For what makes them the unique person they are today. I hope this affords you an opportunity to get to know me better.

Here’s my version:

I am from Red Dirt and mud between your toes;
From Avon and Coal Mines.

I am from the home above the store,
And the rolling pastures of the dairy farm.

Tabor Homestead

I am from the lilac, the crocus and the dogwood;
From Bluestone and the dam.

I am from laughter around the table;
From determination and drive.

I am from strength and independence.
I am from Emily McKenzie.

gayle & grandma

I am from tradition and innovation;
From October Beans and Snoopy Christmas paper.

I am from summer Church Camp
And Church anytime the doors open.

I am from a field of corn, beans, taters, maters and more.
I am from do it yourself and fix it- don’t throw it away.

I am 6th generation from Scotland.
I am from gravy and biscuits, sweet tea and chocolate pound cake.

I am from adventure, faith and stability.
I am from Don and Libby.


I am from red bellied tractors and summers of canning.
I’m from do you need it or just want it?

I am from the shadow of the Church;
I am from trains and pick-up trucks.

I am from stories of thrown biscuits, fall fishin’ trips;
And stories of Uncle Arthur’s ultimate sacrifice in WWII.

Wright Mountain, Rock, WV

Wright Mountain, Rock, WV

I am from Rock and beans strung under the cedar.
I am from lemonade on the fourth of July;

I am from singing hymns on road trips;
And carnations on Mother’s Day.

I am from the treehouse in the backyard.
I am from Moredock, Margaret and Elizabeth.

I am hunting dogs ‘ruined’ into great pets.
I am a Camel, Viking and a Buffalo.

I am endless games of baseball, army and tag.
I am loggerheads and Legos.

I am Dianna, Swit and Aunt Gayle.
I am the past. I am the future.

I am just me!

This exercise was made even more poignant because I had just returned from a weekend trip where I visited many of the places and people I am from.

I believe it’s true the quote by Wendell Berry “If you don’t know where you’re from, you’ll have a hard time saying where you’re going.” This exercise was a great way to touch base with your past and perhaps cause you think on your future.

I’d love to hear your versions of Where You’re From….feel free to share them in the comments.

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50k at 50

In less than 2 weeks I am going to do something I never thought I’d do…..turn 50!

If you’ve already been there and done that….then you know!

If you haven’t yet been there and done that….then YOU know!

50 IS OLD!!!!!!!

I wanted to walk a marathon to commemorate my 50th birthday. But by the time I got my act together the Disney marathon was full. So, I decided to do my own self supported marathon….but, well to be honest never got all that excited about spending my entire birthday walking in potentially cold weather!

In the end – I didn’t train.

There is a big part of me that feels like a real failure. I set a goal – walk a marathon on or near my birthday (the Disney Marathon is the day AFTER my birthday in 2013) and I failed. Worse than failure….I never really started!

There is a line in the movie Top Gun (yes, I’ve watched it enough times that I can quote it….don’t judge) where the Tom Skerritt character says ‘Better to retire and save your aircraft than push a bad position.’ To be honest, that’s where I was/am. I could try to walk a marathon, but better to admit my unpreparedness and save my body than to push this old bod and cause real damage or cause me to spend more couch-potato time!

Sometimes, reaching your ultimate goal means adjusting when or how you get there….this is one of those times!

Instead of walking a marathon on my birthday….I am going to walk a 50k in my birth month.

For you non-mathaholics; that’s 31.0685596 miles. 31 miles in the month of January (I liked the symmetry of 31 days and 31 miles).

I haven’t given up on walking a marathon in my 50th year! Just in a warmer month 🙂 (or maybe next year’s Disney Marathon).

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Today I am thankful for Charles M. Schulz and his Peanuts Gang! His characters have brought entertainment to my life for many years.

Happy Birthday Chuck!

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There is nothing better than a good book! And today I am thankful for good books.

There really is nothing better than a cozy seat, interesting characters  and a well written story which draws you into the world of a book.

Beyond being thankful for the books I am thankful for the ability to read. Sadly not everyone in our great society has the ability to read. I am also thankful that I can choose to read most anything I wish….censorship is alive and well in many places of the world. And lastly, I am thankful for the public library where I can find many book free of charge.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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