Good times at the Cape Fear Tweetup

Last Thursday Friday (Thanks to @dawnbugni for sending me a tweet to remind me it was Friday not Thursday) was one of my favorite days…it was Tweetup day!! I know it may sound strange to those who haven’t yet succumbed to the twitter addiction, but the day I get to see my twitter friends IRL (in real life) is a happy happy day!

These people are apart of my everyday life. We share joys and sorrows. This group of people saw me through several misdiagnoses and eventual surgery the end of last year, some even visited me in the hospital. We offer advice and are even available for private counseling –also known as direct messaging (and occasionally even a phone call).

There was a lot of laughter last week about meeting the people who live in our phones (or desktop); however, I do not think anyone in this group loses sight of the fact that we are all real people.

In years past the tweetup has been a huge event. As you know, tweeters come and tweeters go but it was fun to see this core group of true social media users in Wilmington, North Carolina.


  • @dalm8ton  – me
  • @3athlete – Jenn Beddoe
  • @peaceOcakestand – Jen StPeter
  • @DawnBugni – Dawn Bugni
  • @amyMcHodges – Amy Hodges
  • @JimWare – Jim Ware
  • @lelly28461 – Elenor Erickson
  • @alimoongoddess – Ali McCollum

We’re going to try to have a Cape Fear Tweetup every other month. So be the lookout for the #CFTweetup hashtag to be floating around in March 2012.

Event Photos

Jim Ware, Jenn Beddoe and Dawn Bugni

Jen StPeter brought everyone cookies!

Ali McCollum and Eleanor Erickson

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Are you Using Social Media to it’s Full Amplification?

A goal of mine in 2012, along with consolidating my blogging, was to write consistently about social media. Last year I did well keeping up with my inspirational blog, and the occasional posts to my Glynne’s Soaps blog; However, when it came to blogging about social media, I quite simply was not any good.

What I have discovered in 2012 is that while I have plenty to say about social media, my tenor is snarky. I want to blast some guy who inappropriately (in my opinion) shared his chicken soup recipe. I want to prattle on and on (WOW do I have a WHOLE LOT to say about the guy who invites me to some event every day via Facebook and Linkedin (often after I have declined MULTIPLE times). I want to call out people who give me Klout on off-the-wall topics. I want to take all my frustration and put it here and lead you in with a snappy headline.

Unfortunately, for me, and fortunately, for you, THAT isn’t what Social Media is about. Too often we get caught up in the anonymity of the media and forget the social. We get caught up in complaining about the service at our favorite or not favorite restaurant. We complain about our neighbors or whine about our ailments. And really, WHO WANTS TO HEAR THAT?

It’s a trap, the trap of self absorption! We have all, no matter our age, fallen into the me generation! Are you tweeting because you want to be seen as an expert on a topic? Is your Facebook all about promoting your next event? Is LinkedIn just a place to disseminate your blog? What about google+ is it non stop drivel?

Now is the time to get clear on your message! Decide who you are and how you want your social media efforts to be received; then step out of your shoes and into your audience’s shoes. Figure out what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. When you do, you will enjoy the amplification of your voice as social media can do so well.

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Klout unto others as you would have them Klout unto you

I am relatively new to the Klout game. I will freely admit I was resistant. I couldn’t see how a Klout Score would make a difference in my world. It all seemed a little spammy to me – Tweeting to your friends to join; the mean message stating your high score than their low score. I didn’t want to do it and I didn’t for a VERY long time.

Then I read an article about how Klout is the beginning of Web 3.0. The there was a discussion with a trusted colleague about the important your Klout score was when it came to employability, and while I have no plans to find an employer anytime soon, I am concerned with people hiring me. And just because I do not give credence to the Klout Score, it certainly stands to reason that they might; especially since they would be hiring me in a social media capacity.

It has caused me to embark on a journey to have a respectable Klout score. My score hovers just under 60 and Klout lists me as a ‘specialist’ whom they describe as “You may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.”

What I’ve learned is that friends can list you as influencers of just about anything. One of my funny friends listed me as an influencer about Buffalo Wild Wings (said with an unbelievable tone). Don’t get me wrong, I do like wings and I do play trivia at B-dubs but beyond that I got nothing.

In my investigation of what you can do about blocking friends from giving you Klout in inappropriate topics what I found is…basically nothing! I did find an article about about blocking those friends (I love how she calls it putting them in time-out). What you CAN do is delete the topic from your list. This may diminish your score, but it will remove the offending topic.

The bottom line is Klout unto others as you would have them Klout unto you.

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The Egg McMuffin of Blog Posts

Calling someone or something the Egg McMuffin of _________ is silly!

I am absolutely at a loss of words for what it can mean to be the Egg McMuffin of ____________.   I am worried about anyone or thing that might consider it a compliment. Hey, you’re the quick, cheap, breakfast I can pick up on the fly without thought; Sounds like I’m calling you a slut and well, that is NOTa compliment!

However, from a marketing perspective, I guess McDonalds got what it wanted. I am writing about it and posting their video. I have seen several tweets on the topic and assume it is only a matter of time before some facebook friend mentions it. But is recognition really what McDonalds wants or needs? Find me an American that doesn’t already know about McDonalds or an Egg McMuffin. Marketing isn’t just about creating a conversation, it is about sales.

I think McDonalds missed the mark. I am NOT planning to eat an Egg McMuffin any day soon!!

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Cape Fear Tweetup coming up January 27 2011

Businesses are built on Networking and networking is what Social Media is all about. Connecting with other business partners, as well as keeping in touch with and interacting with your customer base.

Here in Wilmington NC we have events called Tweetups where people who regularly interact on Twitter can meet IRL (In Real Life).

The next Cape Fear Area Tweetup will be January 27th in The Beam Room at Front Street Brewery from 5:00pm until 6:30pm.

You can find the Cape Fear Tweetup group on the web HERE

I hope I get to see you there!


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SPAM or Helpful Info

If you follow this blog you know I am no prolific business writer. Sure I love to dabble in writing, I share weird and outrageous stories I find on my personal blog, I post sporadically to my photo blog but rarely do I think that I have the inside track on any topic. In the words of Solomon, there is nothing new under the sun and I’m pretty sure someone else has already said whatever it is I am about to say.

Does that mean I am not cutting edge, probably! It also means that I don’t need to stroke my ego….or some BS like that. I often say, or think, there’s a blog post in there but that is generally the end of my efforts.

I wish I could say 2012 will bring major changes in my blogging about social media. I wish I could, but probably I’ll stumble a topic occasionally and will be motivated to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and share.

Today I feel that motivation. You see, I posted to twitter about my lunch today. It was a silly tweet and information I normally wouldn’t tweet. However, today I tweeted this:

Warming up some chicken stew for lunch....homemade warmth on a cold day #joy

A short time later I received this reply:

@dalm8ton In this article you'll find the better recipe for chicken stew and dumplings

Had I known Guy, or had any prior contact with him this might have been a welcome and enlightening response. If I had asked for a recipe I would have been delighted; however, because I do not know him and was / am not in the market to change my chicken stew preferences (as an FYI his stew recipe looked NASTY to me) it was an insulting and spammy response.

How are you using your social media powers? Are you spamming? Or are you offering good and useful information? Are you being a bully with your information and trying to ram it down others throats? Or are you being approachable and interesting?

In 2012 I am reassessing my use of social media and suggesting that the time may be right for us all to look at what we do and how we do it on our social media interactions.

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