Do not forget your adapter

It is easy to keep your mind positive when everything is going well. Good times beget good thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, life is not always full of roses and skipping through the park. Life happens. Things occur. Tragedy strikes.

There is nothing easy when bad things happen. It is difficult. However, it does not have to completely ruin your plans. You must be willing to adapt. Not change your goal but willing to adapt your thinking, or your approach, to fit your new set of circumstances.

It can be comfortable to rely on the things that have worked in the past. Even so, when the circumstances have changed, you must be willing to assess the situation and determine if your current approach is still the correct approach.  What has worked in the past may or may not work in the future. Being open and willing to approach change with a new eye can be the thing that determines your success.

Case in point, there was an individual whose goal was to become healthier. He read a book which inspired him and was very successful with that plan. After falling off the healthy wagon for a couple of months, he read another book and was again inspired. His success was amazing until his father died. He was understandably distraught and unable to stay motivated. Unfortunately, the man in our example tried rereading the same books, he even tried a new book but inspiration eluded him.  Being unable to find his much needed inspiration, he hired an accountability coach.  This new influence was just the inspiration he needed to keep his motivation and reach his goals.

It is important to realize that what has worked in the past may not work in the present or in the future. Being able to adapt is the only way to reach your goals.

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Gayle is a Social Media Enthusiast and Consultant with Biz Buzz Social Media Marketing; co-owner of Glynne's Soaps; a dalmatian rescuer; genealogist and member of the Daughters of the Revolution (DAR) and of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC); a Cubs Fanatic; hopeful bagpiper; purveyor of positive; and a curious seeker of life.
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