32 feet in a beautiful day

Yesterday, I attended the Step Up for Soldiers Barbeque Cook-Off in Carolina Beach. It was an amazingly beautiful January day (the high temperatures were in the mid 60’s and the sky was a beautiful Carolina Blue – and if you know me you know that’s not a reference to any tar on heels).

It was a great day of tasting wonderful BBQ, peddlin a little soap (and other Glynne’s Soaps goods) and listening to live music all day. Not long after our arrival, I noticed the wide variety of footwear. There was everything from bare feet to very furry winter boots. Naturally, I was toten’ a camera and thus began my journey to document the footwear. 32 feet, or photos, that’s where I ended. Some are solo, other pairs or trios. Some are big, some are small, some look comfy, some…..well you decide:

The best part of my little project was the reaction of those I asked to photograph their feet (and yes, NO ONE turned me down). As I am sure you can tell from the photos, some people posed their feet for me. Others just stood still for the picture. Some acted as though I had lost my mind, and still others got in on the fun and pointed out footwear I just ‘had to include’; and still others have no idea their feet or footwear (or lack thereof) were ever photographed.

Love the motion of the hula hoop and hoop dance

When I asked  Miss Coastal Carolina to allow me to photograph her feet, she seems a little taken-a-back but quickly recovered. She was a great sport; I am not sure I would have been in her shoes (the heel was ridiculously high and she had been walking around in soft soil for hours). I am sad we didn’t get to hear her sing due to feed back issues with the sound equipment. I wish Miss Mary Catherine Tucker, well in her endeavors!

For those who may be wondering, I do not have a foot fetish. I don’t wear great shoes (although I do LOVE my Sanuks) nor do I notice the footwear of others. This was not me getting touch with my inner fashionista. For me this little project was about the different ways we embrace the gift of a warm day in January. I’ll leave you with a quote from Oprah Winfrey ‘I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.’

Embrace all your wonderful days, ya’ll 🙂

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Gayle is a Social Media Enthusiast and Consultant with Biz Buzz Social Media Marketing; co-owner of Glynne's Soaps; a dalmatian rescuer; genealogist and member of the Daughters of the Revolution (DAR) and of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC); a Cubs Fanatic; hopeful bagpiper; purveyor of positive; and a curious seeker of life.
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3 Responses to 32 feet in a beautiful day

  1. Ali says:

    too funny!

    Shoes tell stories. about who is wearing them, what they value, the places they go… so much! Neat project! Any chance you will be joining in the Rock the Red Pump Project? I know for a fact that flats, sneaker, flips… all are accepted!


  2. Gayle says:


    I may have to go shopping for red kicks 🙂

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