George’s Dogwood Tree

The First Bloom on George's Dogwood Tree

We lost our dog George last year in June. He was old and blind and he had many health issues. George was always a happy dog, even through all the issues, until the end. We knew it was time for us to let George go because he has lost his happiness (even for beef roast).

If you have ever had to make the decision to let a pet go, you know it is a difficult decision. With George, we called and made his appointment. Then asked a neighbor to help us dig a spot in our yard as his final resting place. Then we set about for what we thought would be a the easy part… acquiring a pink dogwood tree.

We were told repeatedly that it was impossible to plant a dogwood tree in Southeastern North Carolina in June and have it live.  Many nurseries offered suggestions of other trees. Even more told us to wait until the fall or January to plant a dogwood. However, one nursery not only had a pink dogwood, she told us it would be fine as long as we watered it daily for two weeks.

For those of you who live in Southeastern North Carolina, you may remember two weeks last year when it unseasonably rained daily. We believe that George knew we were notorious for forgetting to water plants. So George asked God to water his tree every day.

This spring it was a happy day when we realized that George’s Dogwood was putting out leaves. It was an even happier day when we saw the beginnings of blooms. It is incredible that George’s tree has bloomed at the appropriate time to welcome our new addition, Marshall.

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