Good times at the Cape Fear Tweetup

Last Thursday Friday (Thanks to @dawnbugni for sending me a tweet to remind me it was Friday not Thursday) was one of my favorite days…it was Tweetup day!! I know it may sound strange to those who haven’t yet succumbed to the twitter addiction, but the day I get to see my twitter friends IRL (in real life) is a happy happy day!

These people are apart of my everyday life. We share joys and sorrows. This group of people saw me through several misdiagnoses and eventual surgery the end of last year, some even visited me in the hospital. We offer advice and are even available for private counseling –also known as direct messaging (and occasionally even a phone call).

There was a lot of laughter last week about meeting the people who live in our phones (or desktop); however, I do not think anyone in this group loses sight of the fact that we are all real people.

In years past the tweetup has been a huge event. As you know, tweeters come and tweeters go but it was fun to see this core group of true social media users in Wilmington, North Carolina.


  • @dalm8ton  – me
  • @3athlete – Jenn Beddoe
  • @peaceOcakestand – Jen StPeter
  • @DawnBugni – Dawn Bugni
  • @amyMcHodges – Amy Hodges
  • @JimWare – Jim Ware
  • @lelly28461 – Elenor Erickson
  • @alimoongoddess – Ali McCollum

We’re going to try to have a Cape Fear Tweetup every other month. So be the lookout for the #CFTweetup hashtag to be floating around in March 2012.

Event Photos

Jim Ware, Jenn Beddoe and Dawn Bugni

Jen StPeter brought everyone cookies!

Ali McCollum and Eleanor Erickson

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