Let’s Face It: Change is Hard

I like consistency. Maybe that makes me boring. Maybe it means I am old and set in my ways (you know how old dogs are with new tricks). However, it seems as if the universe has decided I need changes in my life. It started with little things…like, my cereal that I eat every morning has become virtually impossible to find. While not having my preferred breakfast isn’t the end of the world, it does change my pattern of behavior.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a thunder storm passed through. I was excited because I had just come off of a long and emotional weekend. I saw the storm as an excuse to shut off my computer and nap. However, as fate would have it, the storm knocked out my television, refrigerator and computer. Change it is a coming!

All of these things made me think. I began to wonder

Why is Change so Hard?

In my usual way I began to research the reasons. I stumbled across a blog post ‘4 REASONS CHANGE IS SO DAMN HARD’ I thought his reasons were good (and I enjoyed his explainations):

1. We’re Creatures of Habit – Tomorrow morning I want you to try a little experiment. When you step into the shower, try mixing up the order of your washing routine. Chances are you’ll fumble around and end up forgetting to rinse some nook or completely miss a particularly filthy cranny. And when you realize how futile (and unsanitary) this change can be, chances are you’ll go back to your old comfortable habits the next day. For it to stick, change requires persistent awareness and diligence.

2. We’re Stuck In The Past – Change carries the implication that the current state is no longer relevant. If you happen to personally be the catalyst for change, this requires the presence of mind to accept that what came before was flawed and no longer tenable. In the more likely scenario of change being thrust upon you, others are stating that the old way is either materially flawed or could be a hell of a lot better. Although it sounds like mumbo-jumbo bullshit, the reality is that change is a constant process, so whatever you love about the past will likely be dead and gone tomorrow.

3. We’re Part Of The Problem – You know that irritating adage that says, “You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem“? The pressure to come up with great ideas and solve world hunger while stopping smoking and losing twenty pounds can be a bit much at times. And then some jackass consultant/coach/advisor says, “Hey, all you need to do is [insert platitude] and you’ll be all set.” The truth of the matter is that sustainable change either happens from within or doesn’t happen at all.

4. Our Perspective Sucks – Remember borrowing a friends glasses for the first time and feeling like the world suddenly morphed into a funky, twisted mess? Chances are you immediately removed them and said something like, “Man, that gave me a headache. How do you wear those all day?” Your friend probably harrumphed, ripped them from your claw and wasn’t too pleased. When you look at a problem you might see nothing more than a funky, twisted mess, so find someone who can see the destination clearly because true change requires a completely new perspective.

So friends, wish me luck as I adjust to changes in my life and be prepared for me to yell, Hey, where’s the milk? As I rummage through the refrigerator.


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