Life Unplugged (at least from TV)

Like a lot of people these days, I enjoy looking at the fun and fanciful ideas on Pinterist. Tonight as I poked about looking at the variety of things, I was reminded that some times we need to unplug and relax.

When I was a kid there was a lot of porch sitting, sweet tea drinking and relaxing after a hard day. My new project is to get my porch sit worthy! I’m adding in some comfy chairs, maybe a bench or two. Then I am going to indulge in end of the day relaxation.

I am making something similar for my porch!

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest


We recently greatly reduced our access to Television. We left Direct TV and are using Hulu Plus. Quick calculations showed us that we could save enough to go on a nice vacation, or do many things we rarely can afford (even after adding in the MLB all access AND NFL Sunday Ticket). Since we reduced our television access, we have read more, and talked more and enjoyed music more.

I am excited for the unplugged spring this year!

What about you, what is keeping you from unplugging and relaxing?

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