Marina Life

All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe

I’m a frequent visitor to the marina in Carolina Beach. In the spring and fall I am there every Saturday. This past Saturday, however, I spent some time with a different view of the marina and marina life.

I met a group of men who had been scuba diving. They told of bull nose sharks and a variety of underwater adventures. Although they wanted to know why I would take photos of their tanks and not of the ‘handsome group of men’ 🙂

Giant Bobbers

I am fairly certain the fishermen who use these do not call them bobbers, but I also feel confident they serve a similar purpose. I, of course, am VERY attracted to the orange color!





Tattered Glory

A neighbor once told me that my tattered flag was a reminder to him of the state of our Union. It caused me to immediately remove it. This lonely and seemingly forgotten flag needs retirement. If it were within reach, I would have obliged.



I have spent many beautiful days at the marina, but I can not say I enjoyed any more than yesterday.


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