Pursuing The Theory of Happiness


Last week I shared my interest in pursuing happiness. I had stumbled upon a blog post by Gretchen Rubin and was impressed by what she had to say in  10 Counterintuitive Tips For Being Happier. My interest in happiness did not stop there. As I confessed, I have been demanding happiness for months (maybe even years) without a true path to finding happiness. Last weeks post prompted me to take a closer look at happiness and my own responsibility in the pursuit of finding it.

My first step was to buy  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I expected to find a dry clinical approach to happiness but what I found was an interesting (and at times light hearted) story of the struggle to be happy(er). Although our life circumstances are VERY different, I do relate to the stories and the struggles. I am no book reviewer, but what I am is inspired – inspired to begin my own happiness project.

Jenn says that I have a theory for everything (she says it is endearing – perhaps she is smidge delusional) and because Einstein is VERY popular in our house (he’s Jenn’s hero);

I am calling my project ‘Pursuing The Theory of Happiness’.

I’m still not sure where this little project will take me, hopefully to a happier and more productive place.

The Sunport

What I do know is that my first step in ‘Pursuing The Theory of Happiness’ was to create a nice space conducive to reading and enjoying the great outdoors. We cleaned our sunport and dejunked it; added plants (which Jenn is in charge of keeping alive – it’s safer for the plants), and comfy chairs. I can’t imagine this space won’t get a great summer workout – I’ve already started spending a little time there in the morning with my first cup of coffee.



I have given myself an assignment to start my pursuit:

  • listen more and demand less (that’s tough for me).
  • consider that everyone wants their talents and efforts noticed (not just me).
  • keep in mind that my view on an event, incident, life isn’t the ONLY view and I need to listen to hear another perspective.
  • remember that minor annoyances and irritations of life  (although they may seem HUGE when piled on top of each other) are really just tiny aggravations. Letting them pass would feed my happiness not my unhappiness.

Go Be Happy Today


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