Step Back into History

There are very few years when I miss going to the annual remembrance of the Second Battle of Fort Fisher, the largest land-sea battle of the War Between the States. I absolutely LOVE to watch and hear the big cannons boom!

The Battery

As stated, I love the cannons and in years past my camera has found nothing else at this event. This year, I took the time to notice the setting for the event. I hope you enjoy this setting as much as I did yesterday.

The Scene

Although I walked all over the grounds yesterday (a feat I paid for last night and today – it seems walking on uneven ground requires abdominal / core muscles. and even though I think I am healed from surgery my muscles aren’t so sure) It seems that the fence made it’s way into most, if not all of my shots.

The Fence

I took several videos of a nice display of replica steam engines.  Each replica was built entirely by the man who was demonstrating them (sadly, I failed to get his name).  However, you can see the video I on my youtube channel by clicking here.

Lastly, I encountered a group of small boys. They were all dressed in either Blue or Gray and carrying their muskets. They played together without regard for their uniform color.  I thought they were a lesson in having us all get along ( and they were daggone cute!)

Why Can't We ALL Just Get Along

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