Ready, Set, GO!

When I was a kid, every thing started with Ready, Set, GO! – Whether we were racing our bikes around the neighborhood, running, swimming, or playing a board game. It was the beginning of all events.

Looking back I see it as a training ground for accomplishment. It encapsulates a three step process to success.

1. Get ready (i.e. prepare). Before we can embark on our journey we must be prepared. This may mean knowing where you want your journey to take you. Preparation to succeed is vital.

2. Get set (i.e. the time to start is imminent). There are many aspects of this but the one that strikes me is the excitement of beginning. I can clearly recall the excitement of anticipation for the beginning. It is important to be able to hold on to the excitement of the beginning through out the journey. How excited will you be when you’ve attained your goal?

3. GO (i.e. do it). You are ready, you know your goal and you have a plan for achieving it. You are set, the excitement is so strong you can hardly contain yourself. Now is your time to go for the goal.

Anything is possible….Ready – Set – GO!

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Build or tear down

Sometimes it seems the whole world is against us. We set out for greatness. We know what we want but then there is ‘that person’. That one person who speaks up to trample dreams, hopes or goals.

Ever wonder why they take such delight in being the voice of despair? Changes are they had a dream that was crushed or maybe they have just given up on their goals. Will you let their defeat cost you your dream?

Take a vow right now to be a dream builder and not a dream crusher. Decide that you are taking the initiative it may be a position that singles you out for praise or for criticism. Maybe the world around you will scoff at your dream or your ability to achieve it.

A blind boy paid his way to a Master’s Degree at Northwestern University by taking notes on class lectures in Braille, typing them, and selling copies to classmates who had stronger eyes but weak ambition. Do you have strong eyes or strong ambition?

The children’s saying says ‘Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me’. Reality says words can build up or tear down. For those who have the will and ambition nothing can stop them.

Let us be your voice of praise and encouragement.

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