Human Progress is Neither Automatic nor Inevitable

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Moving forward is often the most difficult thing we will accomplish in our lives. The path from where we are to where we want to go can seem daunting. The fear of success and the intimidation of failure can cause us to never take a step outside our comfort zone.

What dream are you dreaming that causes you to lay awake at night yearning? Why are you not moving toward that dream in the light of day?

Today is THE only day you need to get started. Small steps or giant leaps – either will get you that much closer to where your heart desires you to go.

Just take a leap of faith and begin!


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Fighting the Fear Factor

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. ~ Mark Twain

My dog is extra large; however he has a fear of jumping in the bed. It is an easy leap for smaller dogs, but for the big guy jumping in the bed is a scary, gut-wrenching thought. He cries to get in, and then runs away if he thinks you’re going to ‘help’ him in. Then the moment his feet hit the bed he dances around like Rocky at the top of the Philadelphia stairs, his pride in making it onto the bed is palpable. He wants to reach his goal of being in the bed, but his fear of doing it keeps him from making the leap with out human intervention.

How many times in life do you really want something? You really really want to run a race, or write a book, or lose a few pounds but you allow your fear to get in the way? Like my dog you see all the things that could go wrong. We talk and cry about our goals. We tell people what we want. Yet, we find every excuse to not start today. Fear overtakes us and we see all the obstacles and our fear grows until we are immobilized by our fears. When in reality, a full concentration on the elation you will feel when you arrive is all that is necessary.

Today stop crying at the foot of the bed of your goals! Today take the leap!

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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Once there was a blacksmith and a young man who wanted to become his apprentice. The eager young man watched closely on how the blacksmith worked. When it was time for the young man to do the job, he did perfectly from the beginning until after the iron had been put in the fire and at the point when the iron needed to be struck to attain the desired shape. He tried few times to do it but ended up not being able to shape the iron. He put it again in the fire, and tried it again, but with no luck. The blacksmith came to the frustrated young man and said, “Do you know that you have to strike the iron at the right time to shape it? Once you’re late, you’ll not be able to do it.”

My goal for this week was to write five blog posts. Generally, I get three maybe four posts in each week but it is rare for me to write all five work days. I get busy with my other job (the one that pays), I struggle to find a topic, or just in general – things happen. I was excited last night when I has a moment of inspiration over dinner and clearly saw today’s post. I was even more excited when I remembered to leave myself a note (just the headline) for this mornings writing session.

I am sad to say that last nights inspiration did not carry through to this morning. Today I have struggled to make my words fit the headline.

The lesson I am sharing with you with regard to your goals is that inspiration can be fleeting. In this moment you may be motivated to do so many things. But as you wait for the right time or until you have the money or some other magical moment your momentum is slipping away.

You must strike while the iron is hot.


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Your Goal is reaching Your Goal

Do you have a goal? Sure you do. It could be simple stuff…like, get out of bed each day. It could be fun stuff like read the stay on target blog everyday. Maybe it’s to find your dream job and live a better life. It doesn’t matter because these six simple steps will help you to achieve your goal!

1. Believe in your own success

If you DON’T believe you can do it, who will? Develop a belief in yourself! Learn to motivate yourself. You can hire a goal coach, like Coach T but, in the end, all you’ll ever have is you and your goal. You must do what is necessary to create greatness.

2. Mental Visualization

See the result you want clearly. Rehearse it over and over again in your mind. Athletes do this all the time and so can you. Seeing your success removes doubt, and builds confidence. See what you want and put yourself in the picture

3. Never Give up

Persistence is the key that unlocks the door. All the wonders of the success you deserve are waiting just on the other side of the locked door. Your success may not come when you want it but with perseverance it will come.

4. Take 100% Responsibility

Empowerment to reach your goal will come when you learn to take 100 percent responsibility for your life. Be the CEO of your life.

5. Focus on Important Tasks

Tune out the nay-Sayers and the over stimulating noise of the world around you and focus on your goal and the tasks you need to accomplish to realize your goal.

6. Have a deadline

Do yourself a solid favor and make a deadline for your goal. A deadline will keep you motivated, prevent procrastination and move you towards your dreams. And the reality is your goal is reaching your goal.

What are you waiting for? Get Started!


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SMART goal setting

Like it or not, goal setting is a central and essential aspect of life. For some of us, this is a mindful process, however many others are unaware of the goal setting act and therefore have very little direction or purpose. You may be surprised to learn that you are setting goals on a daily basis. Some are relatively small and seemingly insignificant such as deciding what you will eat for lunch, while others are more important and relevant to your potential accomplishments.

So today let’s talk about setting SMART goals in life; mostly the big GOALS, but also some of the small goals. A SMART goal refers to a method of goal setting and not just intelligent goals. It is a five step method of making your goals well-dressed and ready to be met.


= Specific

When you first begin thinking about your goal the goal may be very vague (i.e. I’ll eat lunch today) However, as you plan for your goal you MUST become very specific about your goal. (i.e. I am having lunch today at noon with Jane at my favorite restaurant).

A specific goal should clearly state what you want to accomplish, why it is an important goal, and how you intend to accomplish the goal.


= Measurable

You need to be able to determine, without question, whether or not you are successful in achieving your goal. In order to do this, you need to create a way to measure your progress and your end result.

A measurable goal should include a plan with targets and milestones that you can use to make sure you’re moving in the right direction during the process and should clearly tell you when you’ve completed the process.


= Attainable

While goals may often pull you out of your comfort zone and challenge you, if the goal and the parameters you have created are not realistic, you may be setting yourself up for failure. (i.e. I could set a goal to lose 100 lbs by next week; however, it is NOT an attainable goal)

Your goals need to be realistic and include action plans that break your overall goal down into smaller, manageable feats.


= Relevant

Does this goal seem worthwhile? Are you willing to work toward fulfilling this goal? If the answer is no to either of these questions, then this isn’t the goal for you….move on! If the answer is yes, get moving!


= Time-Based

Goals cannot be open-ended; every goal should be limited by a period of time. A goal with out a timeline is just a wish (i.e. Someday I’m going to learn to play the guitar). Your timeline may vary by weeks, months or years depending on what the goal may be, but a defined timeline is vital in order for you to commit to the goal.

What goals are you setting today?


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You are Never a Failure until You Stop Trying

It is hard for me to accept when something doesn’t work. I have an idea and I try to go from idea to reality and it doesn’t work! Soon I am feeling like a failure. It is easy to take a lack of success and label it as failure; when the reality isn’t failure but lack of success.

Perhaps you have heard how Thomas Edison unsuccessfully tried over 6ooo times to create a light bulb. On one occasion a young journalist challenged Edison saying to him, “Mr. Edison, why do you keep trying to make light by using electricity when you have failed so many times? Don’t you know that gas lights are with us to stay?”

To this Edison replied, “Young man, don’t you realize that I have not failed but have successfully discovered six thousand ways that won’t work!”

Because Edison believed an electric light was possible, he refused to give up. He tried countless types of material in his search for a filament that would work. He sent men to China, Japan, South America, Asia, Jamaica, Ceylon and Burma to search for fibers to test in his laboratory–all to no avail.

On October 21, 1879, after thirteen months of repeated failures, Edison finally succeeded in finding a filament that would work. Then the thought came to him, “Why not try a carbonized cotton fiber?”

After going through two spools of cotton, he eventually perfected a strand only to break it while trying to place it in a glass tube. He refused to give up and persevered with this idea for two more days and nights without sleep. Finally he succeeded in placing a carbonized thread into a vacuum-sealed bulb! Eureka! It worked.

Are you having trouble sticking to your diet? Has your exercise routine fallen by the wayside? Have you lost your job? Is your marriage falling apart?  Are you feeling stress and that you are a failure? Are you ready to throw up your hands and give up?

Don’t do it!

Stop, take time to assess what hasn’t worked and figure out a new way, a new path, a new career, or a new routine.


Success is just around a corner; all you must do is find the corner.

You are NEVER a failure, until you stop trying!


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