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Diabetes affects more than one in 10 Americans, and an estimated 366 million people worldwide and the global epidemic is getting worse with the numbers projected to keep climbing. The International Diabetes Federation described the number of cases as “staggering,” with one person dying from diabetes every seven seconds.

According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine. [Jared Reis, et al., “Lifestyle factors and risk for new-onset diabetes: a population-based cohort study”] getting plenty of exercise—lowered the risk of developing diabetes by as much as 39 percent in women and 31 percent in men.

Although I personally believe heredity is the risk factor I face, I am attempting to take the bull by the horns.  I am renewing my gym membership and making a conscience effort to combat the genes.

Monday September 19, 2011.

Here we go!


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Why do they always suggest Fruit?

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I am not average

My year has come and gone. I’m sad to say that I am not average; I remain above average (one of the few times that statement isn’t a good thing). I am doing better at managing my blood sugar. My feet are not freezing constantly(without the benefit of being cold).

According to a recent article in the Greensboro News and Record North Carolina residents are holding steady as compared to the national numbers.

The good news: North Carolina is one of a handful of states that hasn’t seen its obesity rate increase in the past three years, according to a new report out Thursday.

Now, the bad news: Since 1995, the state’s obesity rate has increased by 80 percent. And although the rate is not going up, it’s not going down, either.


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When the Cookies WONT Shut UP

This morning my blood sugar was 133. Not my best number but not my worst. I am pretty happy about this past weekend. I went for a walk on the beach yesterday (Sunday) and this morning I walked in my neighborhood. I didn’t walk far or necessarily fast but I was moving and it’s better than nothing 🙂

If you are a regular reader of my main blog The Outrageous Experiment, then you probably know I play fantasy football and baseball. It is no secret that this time of year, Girl Scout Cookies are available. Which begs the question, who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? Who ever it is, it is NOT me! I absolutely love Thin Mints, and the Peanut Butter cookies and the Lemon Cookies and …..OK I just love them ALL!

So a fantasy Girl Scout Cookie league would suit me perfectly!

Seriously, sweets are a huge draw for me. I LOVE them! And it is painful to miss out on the ‘special’ sweets of life. I end up doing things like buying 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and eating them all (it was over a period of 2 weeks). In order to try to not feel like I am missing out on the ‘good’ (read sweets) in life, I’ve decided I can allow myself to eat the things I love….but only on Sundays and only in moderation.

I’ll let you know how that works for me.

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Interesting discovery as I reduce my Sugar intake

I have suffered from heart burn for years. I’ve been to see Doctors. I have taken Tums and drank Mylanta. Nothing seemed to control my reflux and indigestion like Pepcip Complete. I was to the point where I took a Pepcid Compete every night before bed. Then the unthinkable happened. I disappeared from the shelves! The product had been recalled….eeek!!!

About the same time as the recall, I began my quest to lower my blood sugar. After a month of ingesting less sugar, I discovered I no longer needed an antacid. I was not experiencing the heartburn I had grown accustomed to living with on a daily basis.

It was such a dramatic change that I began to research the phenomena. Perhaps you already knew this but a lack of pancreatic enzymes can cause heartburn. How does this relate to blood sugar? The pancreas is where the insulin is produced to deal with the sugars we eat.

The conclusion is that heartburn can be an indicator of high blood sugar. So, want to eat fewer antacids? Cut back on the sugars you are eating.

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The Goal is the Same (the reason has changed)

I started this blog last year on a whim. I read an article in and thought ‘cool, I’ll just lose 100 lbs and write a blog about it! As you might imagine, writing a blog was not enough of a reason to make me stick to any dietary restrictions or regularly visit a gym (BIG SURPRISE)!

However, I have a new reason to attempt my goal; A MUCH more valid reason. Let me explain. My father’s family are all diabetics. We are all big people. Sure we’re overweight, but we’re also large even when we’re skin and bones (I know this because I have been there – years ago). I have always believed I would become a diabetic. The genetics are just stacked against me.

Several years ago (about 5) my sister developed diabetes. She is seven years my senior and it was really a wake-up call for me. Not in a dietary or exercise since but I did begin monitoring my blood sugar. At that time I was running about 100 for my fasting blood sugar. That number has steadily creeped up, until my fasting blood sugar level was a consistent 150. My wake up call had become a glaring alarm.

My Daily Test Kit

I am taking action! Over the past six weeks (yes that includes the Christmas Holiday and my Birthday) I have eliminated the majority of sugar from my diet. Gone are the sugary soft drinks, gone are my daily Little Debbie Swiss Cakes, Gone is the sugary coffee creamer. I am proud to say that my fasting blood sugar is now checking in at 115-120!

My goal is to have my fasting blood sugar consistently below 100. The next phase is going to require some time at the gym and dropping poundage. I know I can do it! I hope you will join me on my journey.

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