Today I am thankful for St Paul’s UMC in Carolina Beach!

After many years of searching for a Church that I could call my own, I believe I have found it at St Paul’s.

I have appended many Churches in my almost 50 years and I have never encountered a a more friendly Church nor a more welcoming Church.

While this is a small congregation, I can not imagine that will last….it’s hard to keep good things hidden and once people find St Paul’s the Church will have no choice but to grow.

I am excited and looking forward to be a part of that growth.

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30 DAYS OF THANKFUL – DAY TEN: The Beautiful Place I Live

There is hardly a time that I don’t think “WOW! this is just beautiful” when I cross the Snows Cut Bridge and although I  live (as they say around here) over the bridge, I do cross the bridge multiple time each week.

Today I am thankful to live in an area with so much natural beauty!

Mr Beau Vine at the Carolina Beach Marina









I feel very fortunate to be able to live everyday in a place people choose to vacation.

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Plenty of Socks at Lo Tide

We have arrived at the time of year when festival and events permeate my life. Last week Jenn announced that we have no free Saturdays until October.  Part of me is excited to be back to the grind and part of me is already longing for a Saturday free from work!

Yesterday we attended, as vendors, the Lo Tide Run in Carolina Beach.  This was the 8th annual Lo Tide Run whose goal is to raise money to assist local cancer victims in financial need in memory of Steve Haydu of Carolina Beach who died from cancer at a young age. This year there were 1950 runners pre-registered for the race and undoubtly over 2000 who ran (some registered the day of the race).

I had to up and at ‘em early – if you know me you probably know that is NOT my style. A 0530 wake-up call doesn’t make me a happy camper. However once we were set up and ready to go, I had an opportunity to wander to the beach and enjoy the sunrise.

The Solitude of Sunrise

The Birds enjoying the Beach with me

The Birds enjoying the Beach with me

Unfortunately on my journey to find a little early morning solitude, I discovered something that makes me very angry! Litter on the beach! I have little or no patience for litter anywhere, but to spoil such beauty is unconscionable!


In January I shared a post about attending the Step Up for Soldiers BBQ Cook-Off. In that post I showed 32 photos of feet and footwear. Yesterday as I returned to our booth from watching the sunrise, Jenn said ‘I think today you need to move up the leg a bit and take photos of socks’, a quick glance at the volume and uniqueness of socks told me she was right!


I spent my day asking if I could photograph socks. I did have my first inquiry asking if I had a foot fetish…I don’t. We had a fun, yet long, day at the Lo Tide Run. I hope they raised lots of money.

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People and Plungers

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know I love social interaction. I find people and discussions with people fascinating; however, as subjects in photographs they hold no appeal. Photographing people just doesn’t do it for me. Having said this, my photos for this week are very human populated.

I hope you enjoy them anyway 🙂

Saturday began with the meeting of my UDC Chapter at Jack Mackerels in Kure Beach. I took several photographs and will be sharing them over on the UDC website. However this fluke of photography I couldn’t resist.

Pat Bolander Fort Fisher UDC President


By the way, no the room was not that dark.










Immediately after the meeting we traipsed over to Carolina Beach for the Polar Plunge. In 2010 Jenn participated in the Polar Plunge and she decided to plunge again in 2012. This year she was able to raise $150.00 for the Special Olympics. (As a side note all funds were raised online and via our social media efforts). There were lots of interesting people to see. I’ve capture a few…a VERY few!

Before and After

I also took video of the plunge! You can see the majority of people plunge in this video. (click HERE).  Still my favorite video is the one that come almost immediately after this video. You see I was able to convince Jenn to Plunge AGAIN because she wasn’t totally wet (her shoulder was dry).  Here is that video…the redux!

And yes, my feet took the plunge getting the video of today’s plunge 🙂

Lastly, just because I can’t have every photo be of people…..

yep, it's Ketchup

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A social night with the islanders

Story from the Wilmington Star News

by Shannon Bowen

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of fascinating ladies about social media. I joined Judy Royal, a columnist and regional reporter here at the StarNews, and Gayle Tabor, co-owner of Glynne’s Soaps and owner of BizBuzzSocial, in speaking about trends in social media and why these business women might find social media tools useful.

The group is called Island Women in Business and is for business women who work, play or live on Pleasure Island (Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher). It’s a networking group that is structured with a speaker at each event and focused on developing business skills. Most of the women in attendance had used Facebook somewhat – and some even used Twitter – but they were still trying to grasp why they needed  social media to promote their businesses and what social media tools can do for them.

Gayle talked about how her business has been successful through social media. She operates her business online with a blog, Web site, Facebook fan page and Twitter. I like this point she made: People buy her product through her Web site, so her Web site is the most important part of her business. BUT her Web site wouldn’t see nearly as much traffic without her presence on social media sites. Her presence on Facebook and Twitter directly drive customers to her main site to purchase product. That’s her return on investing in social media.

Judy and I talked about the basics of how these sites function. It might be a good idea to do a follow-up one-on-one session with people who aren’t familiar with social networking sites but want to learn. We talked about how to find other local people and build an audience on social networking sites. We also talked about how the StarNews uses social media in reporting and newsgathering.

Thanks again to the Island Women in Business group for having us. If anyone is interested in joining this great networking and business development group, visit the Facebook grouphere for more information.

Oh, and Gayle stuck around for a little longer to show some of the ladies some tips and tricks.

IMG00022-20100210-2104-225x300Here’s a photo of her (far right) talking about social networking sites

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