Who are You?

Who are you? It is such a difficult question to answer. Am I am parent or a child? Am I a student or a teacher? Am I a friend or a foe? Who am I?

Yesterday I attended a funeral service. As I sat in the service I thought about who she was.  I thought of all the people in attendance and how she may have touched their lives. Perhaps, the idea of touching each others lives was fresh in my mind because I had the day before read a blog post by Cherry WoodburnLearn About Your Hidden Superpower & Use It For Good’ where she talks about how we influence others in our every day lives.

When someone stands before those you have influenced and tells about your life, What will they say? Who will you have influenced with your words and deeds? Who will they say you were?

Does who you think you are and the influence you think you are having match with what others believe?

I am not suggesting that you live your life always concerned with other people. However, I do think we as parents, teachers and friends need to be mindful of how our words and actions influence those around us. As Cherry said in her blog post, you have superpowers, use them for good!


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