We must Accept finite disappointment, but Never lose infinite HOPE

All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem. ~~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. It seemed appropriate to begin my post with a quote and this particular quote fit perfectly with my message. There are always obstacles to success.

Some obstacles are obvious; the friends who tempt you with cake while your dieting or monetary difficulties in purchasing equipment. However, some obstacles are unseen and therefore we are oft blindsided when they appear.

Two months ago I was blindsided by an obstacle. A health obstacle – I was already working on my goals for 2012 when everything and I do mean everything stopped while I dealt with my health issue. While I couldn’t act on pursuit of my goals, I never lost sight of them. As I sit here today I still am not able to act on my physical goals but I think of them everyday. I plan how I will accomplish them.

I’ll end for today where I began with a quote from Dr King: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Keep sight of your goal my friend!

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Point Your Feet at your Goal & Start Moving

I was at dinner on Saturday night, and a friend asked me ‘What’s going on with Goal Coach?’ I responded that it was chugging along but that ‘I hadn’t been writing much because I wasn’t really feeling positive. It’s hard to write positive when you don’t feel positive.’ Yesterday as I took myself for a walk, I realized just how lame my excuse was. You see, I know, and I tell you, how you can fake it until you make it.

Instead of giving in to the negativity; Rather than accepting that how you feel is how you are; today is THE day to change your thoughts!

Focus on where you WANT to go

I can not let my health issues define who I am. I can not let the change in my life destroy what I believe. AND, neither can you. So, together let’s climb back on the positive wagon. I am here to take back my life! I am here to regain my positive mental state.

Are you with me?

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How to Stop the Voices

“You’ll never be good at math.”

“You would find a guy if you just wore makeup.”

“You’ll never make friends if you don’t lose weight.”

“Only stupid/lazy/boring/(fill in the blank) people do that.”

Sentences like these might sound familiar to you.  They are often said in one form or another by often well meaning parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors.  All they end up doing is becoming the voices you hear that keep you from following your dreams and reaching your goals.

Why do we listen to this external validation?  Mostly because it usually comes from someone we love and respect, so they can’t be wrong.  (This is not true, in this instance at least, they are wrong.)  Also the need for external validation is strong, we care what people think about us.

There are things you can do to break free for the negative validation that is holding you back.

1.)  Learn to recognize when your mind is replaying negative comments and stop them.  Think of something positive that you have accomplished.  You can train your mind to stop replaying that negativity and turn it in to something positive.

2.)  Meditation can be a great way to introduce positive internal validation to your brain.  Repeating positive uplifting statements will cement them in your thinking and you will start to realize that anything is possible.

3.)  Surround yourself with people that are great encouragers, not discouragers.   Having cheerleaders that believe in you will go a long way to erasing the negativity of others.

By turning off the negative comments made by others and believing that you are fully capable of reaching your goals, no matter what they might be, you will find that it is easier to stick to your plan and even exceed your greatest expectations.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” -Unknown

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What’s Your Excuse?

We have talked about obstacles many times at Stay on Target. The reason this topic comes up so often is that there are many obstacles to success. Some are huge. Others are convenient. Rarely, are any insurmountable, if you really want to reach your goal.

You may recall the story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who was attacked by a shark in 2003.

Bethany survived the attack but lost her arm as a result. However, she did not let this deter her from her dream of surfing. She returned to her board less than one month after a shark took her arm. In 2005, with one arm, Hamilton took 1st place in the NSSA National Championships.

The size of your obstacle is not the determining factor in whether you reach your goal. Your determination in overcoming the obstacles is the only factor that matters.

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Build or tear down

Sometimes it seems the whole world is against us. We set out for greatness. We know what we want but then there is ‘that person’. That one person who speaks up to trample dreams, hopes or goals.

Ever wonder why they take such delight in being the voice of despair? Changes are they had a dream that was crushed or maybe they have just given up on their goals. Will you let their defeat cost you your dream?

Take a vow right now to be a dream builder and not a dream crusher. Decide that you are taking the initiative it may be a position that singles you out for praise or for criticism. Maybe the world around you will scoff at your dream or your ability to achieve it.

A blind boy paid his way to a Master’s Degree at Northwestern University by taking notes on class lectures in Braille, typing them, and selling copies to classmates who had stronger eyes but weak ambition. Do you have strong eyes or strong ambition?

The children’s saying says ‘Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me’. Reality says words can build up or tear down. For those who have the will and ambition nothing can stop them.

Let us be your voice of praise and encouragement.

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