Point Your Feet at your Goal & Start Moving

I was at dinner on Saturday night, and a friend asked me ‘What’s going on with Goal Coach?’ I responded that it was chugging along but that ‘I hadn’t been writing much because I wasn’t really feeling positive. It’s hard to write positive when you don’t feel positive.’ Yesterday as I took myself for a walk, I realized just how lame my excuse was. You see, I know, and I tell you, how you can fake it until you make it.

Instead of giving in to the negativity; Rather than accepting that how you feel is how you are; today is THE day to change your thoughts!

Focus on where you WANT to go

I can not let my health issues define who I am. I can not let the change in my life destroy what I believe. AND, neither can you. So, together let’s climb back on the positive wagon. I am here to take back my life! I am here to regain my positive mental state.

Are you with me?

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Growing Pains

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Weightlifters understand that they must tear and damage their muscles in order for them to grow back stronger.  The tears need to be small so as not to cause injury, but muscle does need to be broken so it can be built back up bigger and better.

The same is true for any goal you are trying to reach.  Sometimes you must stretch yourself far enough to create small tears.  Then you will be able to build back even stronger.  Doing things that are uncomfortable, things that are “outside your box” might be painful at the time, but when you have achieved what you have set out to do, you will be stronger, you will know that you can push yourself and succeed.

No matter what your goal, there will be steps that will take you outside your comfort zone.  Don’t skip these steps, or modify them to make things easier.  If you never do anything new or difficult, you will never become a stronger better person.

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Who is cheating on you?

While enjoying some down time with some friends, a hypothetical question came up. If you knew someone was cheating would you tell? It brought about a lively discussion and a few confessions. It also made me consider how I cheat. No, not how I cheat on my spouse. But how I defraud myself. Every time I make an excuse for why I can not go to the gym, I am conning my health. Every time I procrastinate I take away from my future productivity.
Sometimes I feel like I have gotten away with cheating. However, like cheating on your spouse, all cheating will catch up with you.  It is only a matter of time before the little cheats become big deceptions. Sure you can cheat on your workout regiment occasionally, but if you are habitually skipping, it will start to show. This is true for any goal.
The more often you cheat the easier it is to justify doing it again. With enough practice, you can forget you ever had a goal. Are you a cheater? You wouldn’t cheat on your spouse? Why are you cheating on you?
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The Days of Your Life

Whether you are a cycling fan (as I am) or not, chances are you know Lance Armstrong. He is a cancer survivor and the seven-time winner of the Tour de France. I recently encountered a quote from Lance Armstrong that struck a chord with me. He said “Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose.”

I have no doubt that there is a special urgency to life for those who have faced death. It must give a complete understanding to just how quickly the time to compete our tasks can run out. I, however, do not wish to stare death in the face before I recognize the important my minutes. I hope you agree.

It is so easy as humans to think we have an unlimited window of opportunity to do the things in life we wish to do. Unfortunately, time waits for no one. I challenge you to recognize your one chance with today. Once you have mastered today’s accomplishments string your days together to create a direct path to your goal.

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You Might Be a Winner – If You Work at It

Big Nate for August 10, 2010

This cartoon got me thinking.  It is typical of what many people do every day.  Instead of getting out there, working hard and striving toward their goals, they sit on the couch, hoping that the life they want will just magically appear.   Attaining your goals is not like winning a contest.  Crossing your fingers and hoping you are chosen in some random life contest will not make your desires come to pass.  All it will get you is more of the same.  And doesn’t the act of setting goals mean you want out of the  sameness and into something better?

The only way to reach your goals is to get busy.  Make sure you are doing something, ANYTHING, every day that will bring you closer to what you want from your life.  Even if you had a busy day just getting by and can only manage a small step in the right direction, be proud of yourself.  At least you are moving and not sitting still.  With every step you take, you are that much closer to reaching your goal.

Don’t forget why you are here, why you are working so hard.  Keep your eye on the prize (and not the $99 you might get for being the right caller).  The sense of accomplishment that you will feel once you get there will be worth all the effort.

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Life is a Marathon

Every life has it’s challenges, obstacles to overcome and miles to travel.   Living a fulfilled life is like training for a marathon.  It is not something that just happens; a lot of effort, sweat and even tears will come before the end.  But in the end, after all the hard work, comes a great sense of accomplishment, of a job well done.

There are some marathon training tips that can also be applied to the journey called life.  They can be used to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Visualize the Outcome

What is your vision for you life?  Keeping that visual in the forefront of your mind will allow you to remain focused on the goal.  The struggles won’t seem as difficult because you know what the end result will be.

Take Action

You will never get anywhere sitting still.  The only way to complete a marathon is one step at a time.  Life is the same way, you can only get to your goal by taking one step at a time.  Do something that moves you forward every day, even if it’s only a small something, at least you are moving.  And moving builds momentum.

Keep a Positive Attitude

It has been said that the most important decision you make each day is you choice of attitude.   Negative self talk will only serve to slow you down, maybe even stop you far short of your goal.  By keeping a positive outlook, you will be more likely to keep moving in the right direction.

Life, like a marathon, is an endurance event with many twists, turns, ups and downs.  By following these three simple steps, you will be well on your way to finishing your life’s marathon with a smile on your face.

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