Fighting the Fear Factor

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. ~ Mark Twain

My dog is extra large; however he has a fear of jumping in the bed. It is an easy leap for smaller dogs, but for the big guy jumping in the bed is a scary, gut-wrenching thought. He cries to get in, and then runs away if he thinks you’re going to ‘help’ him in. Then the moment his feet hit the bed he dances around like Rocky at the top of the Philadelphia stairs, his pride in making it onto the bed is palpable. He wants to reach his goal of being in the bed, but his fear of doing it keeps him from making the leap with out human intervention.

How many times in life do you really want something? You really really want to run a race, or write a book, or lose a few pounds but you allow your fear to get in the way? Like my dog you see all the things that could go wrong. We talk and cry about our goals. We tell people what we want. Yet, we find every excuse to not start today. Fear overtakes us and we see all the obstacles and our fear grows until we are immobilized by our fears. When in reality, a full concentration on the elation you will feel when you arrive is all that is necessary.

Today stop crying at the foot of the bed of your goals! Today take the leap!

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