Beating Your Head Against A Wall – Just Gives You A Headache

Yesterday was one of ‘those’ days. My productivity packed its bags and left town, taking my inspired moments along. I could blame all of this on my attempt to cut back on my coffee intake, but that would seem like a cop out, even to me.

Sometimes, you can have all the right tools and set the right plan and yet, the ability to move forward is illusive. The message today is that it is OK. You can spend the time spinning your wheels and creating frustration or you can give yourself permission to let it slide.

I decided yesterday, that the world would not end if this blog post were not up and available at 6am this morning. I am writing it at 10am, and I feel good about it.

Know your limits. Could I have ‘come up with some sort of post’? Yes! Would it have been something I was proud of or a message I wanted to deliver? NO!

The ability to power through and complete a task is admirable. Knowing when you should stop beating your head against the wall is priceless.

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Who is cheating on you?

While enjoying some down time with some friends, a hypothetical question came up. If you knew someone was cheating would you tell? It brought about a lively discussion and a few confessions. It also made me consider how I cheat. No, not how I cheat on my spouse. But how I defraud myself. Every time I make an excuse for why I can not go to the gym, I am conning my health. Every time I procrastinate I take away from my future productivity.
Sometimes I feel like I have gotten away with cheating. However, like cheating on your spouse, all cheating will catch up with you.  It is only a matter of time before the little cheats become big deceptions. Sure you can cheat on your workout regiment occasionally, but if you are habitually skipping, it will start to show. This is true for any goal.
The more often you cheat the easier it is to justify doing it again. With enough practice, you can forget you ever had a goal. Are you a cheater? You wouldn’t cheat on your spouse? Why are you cheating on you?
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Six Tips to Overcome FRUSTRATION

Imagine with me that you are working along and suddenly everything begins to go wrong. Immediately, frustration begins to set in. Maybe, you are having a good day, your significant other comes home, and somehow you are in the middle of a fight. Good mood gone and you are frustrated. There are thousands of examples of how frustration occurs. We all recognize the feelings but what do you do with those feelings and how do you keep them from bogging you down.

Let us be clear, your frustration may or may not stem from your endeavors to reach your goal. However, the results are the same. Frustration has a way of permeating everything. Here are six things you can do to help you overcome frustration and stay on target:

1. Focus on your Goal – If you have ever had the opportunity to walk across a log over a brook, you know that focusing on where you are going is more important than paying attention to each step. The same is true as you pursue your goal, focus more on the end and less on the brook beneath you.

2. Document your Accomplishments – There is no better feeling that being able to look back at all you have completed. Celebrate your progress.

3. Keep Moving – It is a law of nature, items at motion stay at motion better than those who are stagnate. Keep the momentum hold onto your resolve.

4. Simplify – If you have too many moving parts it is more likely something breaks. Keeping things simple lets you shed the unnecessary and distractions.

5. Do what is working – When you are frustrated is not the time to tackle your weaknesses. This is the time to do what you do best. It all needs to get done but you will waste time if you attempt your weakest part while frustrated. Set yourself up to win.

6. Explore your Options – You always have a choice. It may help to voice your frustration and brainstorm with someone. Maybe a trusted friend or a coach (like Stay on Target Coach) can help you work through your frustration and see all your options.

Frustration is temporary – Achievement is forever.

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