Overcoming Inertia

“A body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”  Many people are familiar with this paraphrase of Newton’s First Law of Motion.  It applies to physical things as well as attitudes and motivation.  It’s much harder to get the ball rolling than it is to run with a ball that is already moving.

If you have a goal, whether it is an exercise program, writing the great American novel, or cleaning the closets, it might be difficult to get started, but once you are going, you will gain momentum.  As your program becomes a habit, it will be that much easier to do what needs to be done.  The progress seen will encourage you to keep going.

As you begin to work your plan, it is important to keep in mind that starting out is the toughest part.  Overcoming that inertia is difficult, but as you begin to move forward, each step will be easier than the last.

There are four steps you can take that will help you overcome that tendency to “remain at rest”. 

  1.  Take action – Get started right away.  There is no magic wand, the only way things are going to get moving is if you just get going.
  2. Be positive – The right attitude is very important as you start on your journey.  A negative mindset will kepp you stuck and unable to move.
  3. Be realistic – Don’t set yourself up to fail by making goals that are impossible to reach, despair and defeat will set in quickly.  It’s important to set goals that will stretch you, but that are also attainable. 
  4. Gather the right tools – It is crucial that you have the proper tools you need as you start toward your goal.  Without them, it is too easy to put off getting started until later.  If you are prepared, you will have one less excuse to move forward.

Don’t get discouraged.  Remember, the same law applies to things in motion.  Once you get moving it becomes easier and easier to keep moving.

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You are over halfway there

We have passed the halfway point. Your year is over half over. All those goals you set January 1st, are they just a memory or are you half way to achievement?

I hope your answer is halfway to achievement! However, if you have fallen off the wagon, or you never quite made it onto the wagon to being with, I have GREAT news – there is still time! It is not too late.

Getting started or restarted is difficult. However, you will never have more time to compete your goal this year. The clock above just keeps counting down and the longer you wait, the less time you will have available.

Why are you waiting to reach for your goals?

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Ready, Set, GO!

When I was a kid, every thing started with Ready, Set, GO! – Whether we were racing our bikes around the neighborhood, running, swimming, or playing a board game. It was the beginning of all events.

Looking back I see it as a training ground for accomplishment. It encapsulates a three step process to success.

1. Get ready (i.e. prepare). Before we can embark on our journey we must be prepared. This may mean knowing where you want your journey to take you. Preparation to succeed is vital.

2. Get set (i.e. the time to start is imminent). There are many aspects of this but the one that strikes me is the excitement of beginning. I can clearly recall the excitement of anticipation for the beginning. It is important to be able to hold on to the excitement of the beginning through out the journey. How excited will you be when you’ve attained your goal?

3. GO (i.e. do it). You are ready, you know your goal and you have a plan for achieving it. You are set, the excitement is so strong you can hardly contain yourself. Now is your time to go for the goal.

Anything is possible….Ready – Set – GO!

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Start at the Beginning

Sometime is seems easier to never start than to begin and fail. In a recent Dear Abby column, Jeanne Phillips said ‘Fear of failure can become a self-fulfilling prophecy — and so can success. The more you dwell on your “deficiencies,” the more pronounced they’ll become. So, act more confident and soon you will be.’

It is impossible to know who you can become, or what you can accomplish if you never begin. The only assurance you have, if you do not begin, is that you will not accomplish anything.

Some ‘experts’ will tell you that it takes 21-days to make / break a habit.  It may or may not be true. What I do know is that you cannot make / break a habit with out beginning to make change.

Action is the key to change. Just as you should be dressing for the job you want; you should be taking actions to be the person you want to be. Want to write a book?  Start writing.  Want to run a race? Start to run. Wish to play a musical instrument? Start to practice.

There is no magic bullet. The answer to each question is getting started. Nothing happens without the actions associated with those actions. Today is the only day you have…so, start, already!

Recommended reading Psycho-Cybernetics (affiliate link) by Dr. Maxwell Maltz .

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What is Stopping You?

I subscribe to many inspirational materials. Why? Because, we all need to be inspired. One that I recently subscribed to is Inspire the Planet. When I first encountered it, I thought ‘well, that is a lofty goal’. It is a site chock fill of good information from many participants. What I love the most is the daily inspirational quote I get in my inbox daily.

Today’s quote was “While the worriers are worrying, the planners are planning and the accountants are figuring our why we can’t afford it, I’m busy getting it started.” – Walt Disney

As a planner, I can see myself in this quote. I like to plan. I think nothinghappens without a plan. However, all too often I spend so much time in planning that I never actually get started on doing.

Remembering that planning is just a means of doing is important. Get started! Even if your plan isn’t finished. Action is the only way to be successful. Get out of your head and into you life.

We don’t want to inspire the planet, we just want to inspire you.

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