Hope – who doesn’t need HOPE?

It seems these days everywhere you turn there is a Mob of some ilk. Obviously the world has decided to cash in on the Herd mentality!  From Flash Mobs to Cash Mobs businesses and individuals are trying to influence what we buy and how we act. Yesterday, I saw a business touting a Crop Mob (yep, they’re a garden / farm business). Now, I am in no way saying these things are bad. I actually think the cash mobs supporting local businesses are awesome! However, until a few days ago, I have never felt compelled to participate in a Mob of any sort (in case you didn’t know – I pride myself on not being overly influenced by the pack).

However, last week my friend Marty tweeted about wanting to start a ‘Hope Mob’. It captured my attention, so, I asked questions….lots of questions! Here are snippets of answers I received – ‘Think cash mob yet not necessarily cash – could be time, cash, prayers, something. We all know someone who needs a little hope.’  ‘I want to make a real difference in this town.’

Hope – who doesn’t need HOPE?

People around us are living in despair. Many are feeling hopeless!  Wouldn’t it be nice to offer real hope, not just optimism? The difference between hope and optimism being that hope entails pathways and thoughts to an intended goal; whereas, optimism leads one to “expect the best, but it does not necessarily provide any critical thinking about how we are going to arrive at this improved future”.

So we met for coffee. We discussed how to get people involved. We discussed possible hope benefactors and recipients. Then we adopted the ‘if you build it they will come’ mentality so we decided on a mission statement:

Wilmington Hope Mob – Putting together generous strangers who bring immediate hope to people in Wilmington, NC with pressing needs.

We started a facebook group and began to invite people. In two days we went from 0 to 140+ members! I don’t know what needs are out there. I don’t know where this will take us. But I know we could all use a little hope! And I now know that at least 140 people in Wilmington NC are interested in having and/or spreading HOPE!

Just to solidify that we’re on the right track – yesterday, I typed Nope into a text message…my phone auto-corrected to Hope. You can take it as you wish, but I’m sure it means universal approval for the Wilmington Hope Mob (or I have poor typing skills <grin>).

Hope – it may mean help finding the better path.

Hope – it may mean a hand up.

Hope – it may mean just feeling supported.

Hope – it’s worth sharing!

Hope – it is what I wish for you!

Because, as Marty said, ‘Who doesn’t need a little hope?’

I hope you’ll join us!

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Never Lose Hope

I was born with a black thumb. Although it wasn’t visible to everyone in the delivery room, it was there lying dormant waiting for the day I would attempt to keep a plant alive. Perhaps you would think that at the age of 49, I would accept this and stop torturing poor unsuspecting plants – you’d be wrong!

Pray for them

Over the weekend at the Poplar Grove Herb and Garden Fair, I saw plants; Beautiful flowering plants, amazing herb plants, and new and promising vegetable plants. I wanted them ALL! I want a lovely English style garden that has the completely unkempt look but evidently requires more than tossing about a few seeds.

I came home from the weekend with, you guessed it, plants! I have three little basal, cilantro, and chives plants and a nice mint plant. I have high hopes that these will grow into an amazing herb garden. The reality is that they will thrive for the first few weeks (because I’m excited and will be attentive). Then as I see then doing well, I lose some focus and they will begin to droop and cry for water and attention. I’ll try to revive them and eventually I’ll pronounce them destined for death and that prophecy will become reality.

How often do you follow this same pattern with your goals?

You begin with the idea that you are destined to failure. You decide to have hope and try anyway; only to live your self fulfilling prophecy. FAILURE

I think it is time we both owned-up to the real reality – we CAN CHANGE!

Martin Luther King said, ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope’.

I’m going to go plant my herb garden – what are you doing?


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