Back to Basics

My friend Ted owns a successful retail business and a booming online shop. Ted volunteers in his community and has the usually family issues added in. Ted is a man with a lot of balls in the air.

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Yesterday morning Ted called me. I’m sure neither of us remembers the real reason for his call, but we spent over an hour talking about why we do what we do. Ted had hit a wall in his life. He is working more and enjoying less. His statement to me was ‘why am I working so hard to be successful when it just means I work more?’ Ted’s passion for surfing is what made his business successful and yet, Ted no longer has time to surf.

It is one of those things that can happen to any of us. We begin a project or a business because it is something we feel passionate about. We are gung-ho and anxious to succeed. However, we forget to keep doing what made it our passion.

Ted shared with me that on the few times he had tried to surf this summer, he either felt such stress to catch as many waves as possible in the time he had allotted to surf or he felt so guilty that he couldn’t enjoy the experience. In the example of Ted, my advice was to take an hour three times each week to get back in the water and surf.

It is important to remember why you chose to begin. What passion drove you to begin your project? Are you still feeding that passion? Or have you allowed the project/business to steal your passion?


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