Interesting discovery as I reduce my Sugar intake

I have suffered from heart burn for years. I’ve been to see Doctors. I have taken Tums and drank Mylanta. Nothing seemed to control my reflux and indigestion like Pepcip Complete. I was to the point where I took a Pepcid Compete every night before bed. Then the unthinkable happened. I disappeared from the shelves! The product had been recalled….eeek!!!

About the same time as the recall, I began my quest to lower my blood sugar. After a month of ingesting less sugar, I discovered I no longer needed an antacid. I was not experiencing the heartburn I had grown accustomed to living with on a daily basis.

It was such a dramatic change that I began to research the phenomena. Perhaps you already knew this but a lack of pancreatic enzymes can cause heartburn. How does this relate to blood sugar? The pancreas is where the insulin is produced to deal with the sugars we eat.

The conclusion is that heartburn can be an indicator of high blood sugar. So, want to eat fewer antacids? Cut back on the sugars you are eating.

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