Stumbled Upon (Thoughts and Photos)

If you happen to be a regular reader of my blog, you probably have encountered my Quest for Average. As with most things in life this quest has become intertwined with many facets of my life. My photography hobby is the latest to succumb. For today’s walk I persuaded Jenn to go with me to Downtown Wilmington and amble with my camera. I am sad to report that I forgot to set my phone to record my distance. However, we did circle a 4 block radius.

The one on the left is green, I always wish it were blue

As we exited the parking deck onto Front Street I was struck by the coloring of these buildings. I notice them often, I think because of the white one in the middle. As we proceeded to walk along Princess Street, I noticed this closed for renovations sign. I am attempting to show the clock in the reflection, I almost missed it.

Notice Jenn patiently waiting 🙂

The inside of the column

A closeup of the left side of the column

Next I encountered a column that was crumbling from the inside out. Someone had attempted to create an impression of soundness, by giving it a rock façade; unfortunately time has stripped away the illusion. I truly was / am fascinated by this column and am sure there is a inspirational post rattling around in my brain for this column. For now, I hope you can see the beauty.


Spring is popping up everywhere in February

There are always surprises in life and in afternoon strolls around town, even a place where you have strolled hundreds of times over the years. Today we encountered two such bolts from the blue. The above photo is of a lovely encounter with yellow flowers blooming. It was such a delightful beckon to spring, I had to stop and not smell but photograph. Our second encounter was with a former colleague of Jenn’s who we bumped into on the street. We had a great time talking with Kevin and Carol and when I said I was strolling with my camera, she struck a pose…how can you resist that?

Carol and Kevin

Lastly, I invite you to join me on a scavenger hunt. I saw on a friends blog that she was participating and it looked fun. The hunt has 100 items you find, photograph and share. Today, I added my first photo in the hunt…number 72 on the list, I was to photograph a fire engine. My interpretation led me to the fire hoses. If you decide to hunt with me, let me know your flicker screen name!






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