Getting off the Couch

As promised, here is my Saturday update on my quest for average. But first let me inspire you with a commercial that you will see in tomorrows quest for the NFL Title:

If that doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch and chase cars, nothing will 🙂

Now back to me! On the first – I let the day slip away without walking (first day failure).  I rallied on  day two and scheduled time to walk after lunch. I walked 0.7 miles at a pleasant pace (Jenn and Marshall were kind enough to walk with me). Four months ago this would have been an easy task but it was no piece of cake for my first day. On day three my distance was the same and although I’ll claim my pace was faster – it too was probably the same 🙂 Although for day three, I walked with Jenn and three dogs (one of which, mostly Wrigley, I held the leash). Walking holding a dog’s leash works an entirely different muscle group (upper body) which I think will be great for my overall health.

I’m calling the week a win! I actually got unchained from my desk and did something! In week two, I hope to add in the nutrition component.

Stay Tuned!

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Day Two & Three

We all need pay-offs. No matter what we do, there is some pay-off, some benefit to what we are doing.

For me the pay off going to the gym has always been the steam room. Unfortunately, the gym I now belong to does not offer this benefit. Therefore, it is hard to e to make myself go because the immediate pay-off isn’t available to me.

I know the long-term benefits. Nevertheless, that just isn’t always enough of a motivator. If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

On a separate note, my eating is much improved. I am eating healthy choices and decreasing my carbonated soft drinks. I think my goal for next week will be to stop cold-turkey! I know your question, why not now? Because if they are in the house….I WILL drink them. Next week they will be gone and I cannot drink what I do not have (forced will-power).

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Day One

I can’t promise to update daily but since we are in a beginning day, I will. I did OK today.

I ate breakfast (which is an improvement) honey nut shredded wheat and whole milk (a special treat from Saturday’s Farmer’s Market).

Mid morning snack was a banana.

Lunch was tuna salad on white bread and a glass of tea sweetened with 1/2 sugar and 1/2 splenda.

Dinner grilled veggies / chicken kabobs with corn on the cob and a glass of tea sweetened with 1/2 sugar and 1/2 splenda.

Went to see fireworks tonight and had a banana milkshake (decided it was better to not have a cone).

Found this interesting story. Thought I’d share:

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My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge my mild (or not so mild addiction to Mountain Dew). I love the stuff!

As you can see from the information nutritional information provided by  Pepsi (makers of Mountain Dew), each can is 170 calories of nothing good for me!

Here is information I am using for inspiration:

Infographic by

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Here We Go

I think I must have been a big baby. I never remember a time when I wasn’t big.

I have large hands and feet; always have…. Although my feet aren’t as big as they used to be J When I was a growing up – no one had feet as big as mine! It was impossible to find dress shoes to fit. I wear an 11 extra wide. It’s not as uncommon these days to have women with big feet. My family would always joke, Don’t forget your shoes’ because replacing my forgotten dress shoes was impossible.

Several years ago (early 90’s), I was in a rough patch of my life and I lost a lot of weight. I was the thinnest of my adult life. I weighed 155 lbs.

I know, a woman never tells her age or her weight…, everyone stop reading <grin>

Today July 5, 2010 I am 6 months into my 47th year and I am topping the scales at my all time heaviest 260.

This means I have 97 lbs to lose in ONE YEAR.  I need to lose a little more than 8lbs each month.

I’d love to hear your stories. Have you share your ups (and downs). You are my support group!

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My Quest for Average

I wrote a blog post for my blog (The outRAGEous Experiment) on July 5, 2010. Here’s the post and my challenge to myself:

There has been a running conversation in my house about change. No, not the kind of change we were promised in the last election (and failed to get, I might mention) but a change on a much more personal level. I feel that my life has become, well less than….
So, we (I) am embarking on a world of change. I have already begun. Today I cut a tree that was bothering me from my back yard. I bought a new rug for my living room and that room will be rearranged by weeks end. I have plans to paint my office in two weeks (my next available weekend). However, it is just NOT enough.

The change I am looking for is deeper and far more personal. I read today that 3.8 million people in the United States are over the 300 lb mark! I feel their pain! Although I am not over 300lbs, I am far closer than I am happy to admit! The article I read went on to say that in the US, the female average weighs at an unprecedented 163 lbs.

I must admit I would be happy to be weighing in at 163. Therefore, I am officially and publicly declaring it my goal! By the Fourth of July next year, I will be average 🙂

Welcome to the journey

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