Stop the Mental Hurricane

Hurricane Irene

If you live on the east coast you probably experienced Irene over the weekend. Perhaps you, like me are a veteran of many hurricanes or perhaps this was your first adventure. Either way, I hope you survived without incident.

What Irene taught me is that I am too addicted to my electronic gadgets and to my online connections. I spent a perfectly good opportunity to relax and read chatting on Facebook and twitter. When the storm had passed, I was filled with regret that I did not take the opportunity to relax and enjoy a good book. In essence my mind was just like the hurricane; whirling non stop with new information and moving from topic to topic.

Has your life become a mirror of my Irene experience? Are you so caught up in the trappings of modern life that you can not enjoy the simplicity of relaxing? Are your thoughts constantly whirling? Are you living in constant information over-load? It’s time to take out the mental trash. It’s time to stop the information over-load. It’s time to let go of our outer trappings and mental over-load and become reacquainted with our inner self.

Once you “take out the trash” mentally, and have a clean slate to think on, you will be amazed at the ideas and creativity that comes out.  Usually, during your routine, you have so many things to think about that there is just simply neither the time nor room for out-of-the-box thinking.  Looking from a different angle or perspective can really open your eyes to things you may have never have considered.

I challenge you this week to find an hour or two and unplug. Turn off your cell, and computer. Don’t check your mail or Facebook. Stop tweeting and allow yourself the time to relax and reconnect with your inner being. You may be surprised at the results.


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