Does Faster Make it Better?

No doubt, you know the story of the tortoise and the hare.

tortoiseandhare Just in case you missed childhood, here’s the recap – the forest animals have a race – hare gets so far ahead he takes a nap – tortoise keeps on plugging and by the time the hare awakens, the race has been lost. Great parable about how slow and steady can overcome fast and cocky. However, there is another lesson in this story. It has to do with finishing what you start.

Jenn is a triathlete.

triathlon_swim_bike_run_ovalFor whatever crazy reason this is of great appeal (yes, I am rolling my eyes). What kind of sane person wishes to swim miles, then bike miles followed by running? My first clue of insanity should have been when she hitched up with me, but I digress. The thing is that Jenn is the slowest runner on the planet (possibly, I exaggerate a bit). It may take every bit of the time limit but there will be a finish! A strong finish (last mile at the same pace as the first mile).

As the person who is standing on the side of the road all day waiting I sometime wonder, why not just stop. I have witnessed top athletes drop out of the race because they got a flat, or faced some other obstacle, which could be easily over come. The answer is always, finishing is it’s own reward.

Winning is not always about how quickly you reach your goal. In fact, in life, speed is not what matters most. It is just about reaching the goal. Sure finishing your Masters Degree in your 20’s would be great, but it is just as meaningful in your 30’s or later. Maybe learning another language would be easy when you are six, but you will be bi-lingual if you learn it at 60. Live your life at your pace. Reach for your goals.

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Stop Wallering in Your Self-Doubt

Please indulge me as I digress in to my own world today. I began this blog as a way to help keep me positive. The words I am writing are most often pointed squarely at yours-truly. I’ll admit it, I struggle (like a lot of people) to stay positive.

happily wallowing

I also, occasionally fall off the positive wagon and waller in the wonderful thing called self-doubt. Today was one of those days. I looked at the dashboard of this blog and thought ‘WOW, what a failure! You should have 51 posts today and you only have 45.’ That’s right, I am 6 posts short of my goal of posting daily.

Sure, there are reasons. Some of them damn good reasons! However, the fact remains that I feel like a failure. What I wanted to do today was admit defeat and not post. Instead, I am writing to you. It will not be posted at the usual 7am. (As I write this it is currently 12:30pm). What I am doing is putting a stop to my pity party, I am not wringing my hands at what I did not do. I cannot change the past! I can create a different now and a different future.

What about you? Are you only seeing what is missing? Or are you celebrating that which is your success?

Let go of your past mis-steps and mistakes. Decide today to do better, to try harder and to celebrate the success and not lament the past.

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Start with the man in the mirror

m.c. escher

How do you see yourself? If you owned a camera, which could take a photo and show a true reflection of how you see yourself, what would we see? Chances are it would not match with the photo of how others see you.

Just as our mothers told us when we were children, it does not matter what others think. However, it does matter what we think. A few years ago, my friend Lynne lost her job. She is a highly educated and successful person. Nevertheless, the loss of her job was a major blow to her self-esteem. Lynne began to use words like stupid or dumb to describe her and soon, her actions were beginning to match her internal conversation.

We have all done it. We have had a bad experience or we have let the words of others take over our internal conversation. Soon we are living a life of doubt and unhappiness. Fortunately, for Lynne, she was able to change her conversation by doing a simple exercise she learned from reading The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose (affiliate link). Each day she would write ten things she had done well each day or that she liked about herself. She continued this process each day for a week, never repeating an item. Soon her internal conversation matched her external self.

My challenge to you today is to change your internal conversation. Make a list of ten (10) positives things about yourself for a week. Then sit back and notice how different you feel and how much more appealing the world around you appears.

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