What Your Car Says About You

As spring became summer, time has become a precious commodity. An unfortunate casualty of less disposable time is less time to mosey with my camera 🙁

In the meanderings of my life; however, I did encounter these two very distinct bumper stickers. I believe they each give great insight into the vehicles driver.

This car was parked - I couldn't have read it at 35mph

This shot was taken while stopped at a traffic light.

I’ll leave it your Imagination to determine the personalities of the drivers.

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Easter Sunrise 2011

As has become our tradition, we attended the sunrise service on Carolina Beach. The Carolina Beach Community of Churches sponsor this event each year. It has been a rare year that God didn’t provide a spectacular sunrise for the occasion. This year was no exception.

This was the scene as we arrived on the beach

The Moon was also in attendance

All things considered, it was a beautiful morning, Even if no one sang ‘Up From the Grave he Arose’

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A Day off Work

This Tree has an Interesting Rotting Pattern


I visited Moore’s Creek National Battle field yesterday as a part of my day off from work. Although it rained (poured actually) through much of my visit, I was able to take a few interesting shots.  The ones in this post were all taken down by the creek near the picnic area.


The rain is producing flowers

Blooms by the Creek

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Pretty Bird

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Spring Visitor

Enjoying some spring berries

This lovely Cardinal came to enjoy some spring berries today.

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