Getting off the Couch

As promised, here is my Saturday update on my quest for average. But first let me inspire you with a commercial that you will see in tomorrows quest for the NFL Title:

If that doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch and chase cars, nothing will 🙂

Now back to me! On the first – I let the day slip away without walking (first day failure).  I rallied on  day two and scheduled time to walk after lunch. I walked 0.7 miles at a pleasant pace (Jenn and Marshall were kind enough to walk with me). Four months ago this would have been an easy task but it was no piece of cake for my first day. On day three my distance was the same and although I’ll claim my pace was faster – it too was probably the same 🙂 Although for day three, I walked with Jenn and three dogs (one of which, mostly Wrigley, I held the leash). Walking holding a dog’s leash works an entirely different muscle group (upper body) which I think will be great for my overall health.

I’m calling the week a win! I actually got unchained from my desk and did something! In week two, I hope to add in the nutrition component.

Stay Tuned!

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As humans we spend a lot of time thinking about the end. We ask questions like, ‘what’s your end game?’  ‘Where do you want to end up?’ or ‘where do you see this going?’ We do things like create a bucket list in an attempt to be sure we get in the things we wish to do before we reach the end.

Rarely do we concentrate our efforts on the beginning. We frequently live our lives thinking about the end game; Trudging through our days to get to the evening or making our way through the week to celebrate the weekend. We live our lives as if it is just something to get through.

Today, you get to breathe unassisted for 24 hours. What else will you do with that time?


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Are you Regretting your Regret?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”  ~  Zig Ziglar

Do you ever look at your life and feel great regret? We all know that Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors.  We all know that we can’t change the past.  So then how do you keep your past from interfering with your present? Or the future? Are you so stymied by the past that you are unable to move forward?

Well, my friend, SNAP OUT OF IT!

I know what you’re thinking – it’s not as easy as it sounds. Yeah, I know….I’ve been there and done that. But…… can learn to lower the volume of your regret and to allow yourself the freedom to embrace the future!

The pain of regret far outweighs the fears we must face to achieve our goals.

If you can get yourself to believe this truth then you will be driven to succeed every day. Forgetting about everything you can’t change in your past, you are currently facing only opportunities for success. And this is such a critical point in your life because one of two forces will win out.

The future is yours to make and to mold! Holding on to past regrets only causes a snowball effect for regret. You must break the cycle!

Live today as if you had no past regrets. Then as Zig Ziglar said, do it daily!


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Point Your Feet at your Goal & Start Moving

I was at dinner on Saturday night, and a friend asked me ‘What’s going on with Goal Coach?’ I responded that it was chugging along but that ‘I hadn’t been writing much because I wasn’t really feeling positive. It’s hard to write positive when you don’t feel positive.’ Yesterday as I took myself for a walk, I realized just how lame my excuse was. You see, I know, and I tell you, how you can fake it until you make it.

Instead of giving in to the negativity; Rather than accepting that how you feel is how you are; today is THE day to change your thoughts!

Focus on where you WANT to go

I can not let my health issues define who I am. I can not let the change in my life destroy what I believe. AND, neither can you. So, together let’s climb back on the positive wagon. I am here to take back my life! I am here to regain my positive mental state.

Are you with me?

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What’s Your Excuse?

We have talked about obstacles many times at Stay on Target. The reason this topic comes up so often is that there are many obstacles to success. Some are huge. Others are convenient. Rarely, are any insurmountable, if you really want to reach your goal.

You may recall the story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who was attacked by a shark in 2003.

Bethany survived the attack but lost her arm as a result. However, she did not let this deter her from her dream of surfing. She returned to her board less than one month after a shark took her arm. In 2005, with one arm, Hamilton took 1st place in the NSSA National Championships.

The size of your obstacle is not the determining factor in whether you reach your goal. Your determination in overcoming the obstacles is the only factor that matters.

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Woops, getting started again

You get sick. You go on vacation. You just have a bad week. Things did not go as planned and you are off track, now what?

It s easy to say ‘just get back on the horse’.  However, who are we kidding, it is just not that easy. It is a mental game. Somehow, your brain has been convinced that because you are a little off track, you may as well be a lot off track.

Now is the time to hold yourself accountable. Remember why you have this goal. Spend time remembering why you wish to reach your goal. If your fire for reaching the goal is not returning in the measures you think it should, then make yourself go through the motions. Stick to the plan. Work the plan you made.

Reaching for your goal will not always be a cakewalk, but being accountable to yourself will be worth it. Fake it until your fire returns.

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