Start with the man in the mirror

m.c. escher

How do you see yourself? If you owned a camera, which could take a photo and show a true reflection of how you see yourself, what would we see? Chances are it would not match with the photo of how others see you.

Just as our mothers told us when we were children, it does not matter what others think. However, it does matter what we think. A few years ago, my friend Lynne lost her job. She is a highly educated and successful person. Nevertheless, the loss of her job was a major blow to her self-esteem. Lynne began to use words like stupid or dumb to describe her and soon, her actions were beginning to match her internal conversation.

We have all done it. We have had a bad experience or we have let the words of others take over our internal conversation. Soon we are living a life of doubt and unhappiness. Fortunately, for Lynne, she was able to change her conversation by doing a simple exercise she learned from reading The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose (affiliate link). Each day she would write ten things she had done well each day or that she liked about herself. She continued this process each day for a week, never repeating an item. Soon her internal conversation matched her external self.

My challenge to you today is to change your internal conversation. Make a list of ten (10) positives things about yourself for a week. Then sit back and notice how different you feel and how much more appealing the world around you appears.

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Who’s the Boss?

This is not a question about your employment. I am not even asking about you interpersonal relations (i.e. boyfriend girlfriend, spouse, kids etc), this is a question about who or what is driving the ship of your life?

To whom are you accountable? The list may be long, or it may be short. However, it is important to remember that no matter how many directions you are being pulled the first person you are accountable to is yourself.

If you have lost yourself in the trappings of life, it is time for a change. What are you priorities? Are you living in alignment with yourself or are you living a life in conflict?

Become accountable to yourself. Make a list of all the things you wish to do in life. Prioritize them and rediscover whom you are and where you want to go. I recommend the The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose (affiliate link) as a means of this self-discovery.

The book is powerful but the self-discovery from taking the passion test is invaluable. The book can and does stand on its own and you can compete the passion test by yourself. If you prefer, you can hire someone to help lead you through the process there are certified coaches available.

Once you have aligned yourself with your passions, it is easy to hold yourself accountable to the path for your life. Resolving the conflicts of your life will unleash your inner power and let you accomplish your life’s goals.

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