What’s Your Excuse?

We have talked about obstacles many times at Stay on Target. The reason this topic comes up so often is that there are many obstacles to success. Some are huge. Others are convenient. Rarely, are any insurmountable, if you really want to reach your goal.

You may recall the story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who was attacked by a shark in 2003.

Bethany survived the attack but lost her arm as a result. However, she did not let this deter her from her dream of surfing. She returned to her board less than one month after a shark took her arm. In 2005, with one arm, Hamilton took 1st place in the NSSA National Championships.

The size of your obstacle is not the determining factor in whether you reach your goal. Your determination in overcoming the obstacles is the only factor that matters.

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Perfection. We all want it. Unfortunately, it is rarely attained and never sustained. In most parts of life, this is just an accepted fact. However, when it comes to our goals we tend to put them in a completely different category. One small slip and we have abandoned or goal or we feel the need for a major re start.

I remember when I was a kid and we used to play a game called foursquare. We yelled ‘do over’ so often that it became a joke even to us at the time. That silly little game taught us that just because there was a boo-boo the game did not have to end and there was no major penalty. Simply yell ‘do-over’ and all was forgiven without fault or blame.

Therefore, if you have slipped along your trek toward your perfect goal, I invite you today to yell with me ‘DO-OVER’- No need to back up and begin again; No need to abandon the plan. Simply, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep playing the game. In the end, I guarantee you will be the winner.

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Plan Your Independence

Today is Independence Day in the USA. As you celebrate, I urge you to consider where you are going and what your plans are for the next six months.

This isn’t your life plan. This is just your goals for the remainder of this year. Where you do want to start 2011? How do you plan to get there? Knowing your goals and knowing your plan is the first step in moving forward and achieving the things you want.

There will be set backs. Plan for them. In the old West, a cowboy expression went: “There never was a horse that couldn’t be rode, and there never was a rider that couldn’t be throwed.” Like everyone else, you will have days when everything goes right and you are on top of the world. Relish those days, enjoy them, and remember them. Recall the euphoria that accompanied them when you need an extra measure of positive thinking to get back in the saddle after you’ve experienced an embarrassing and painful fall.

We can help you get back on the horse when you’ve been throwed.

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