Historic Covered Bridge

Elizabethon, TN has this beautiful covered bridge. The Elizabethton Covered Bridge was constructed in 1882, and is best remembered by me as the first place I tried beer (or any alcoholic beverage). In case you’re wondering, the beer was warm and therefore nasty!

On our recent visit to Tennessee, Jenn asked if we could visit the bridge. Naturally, I took photos.

He Had to be COLD

I don’t like ducks (especially when people are feeding them)! But these were beautiful and never were interested in begging.


I'll bet there were 50 of them






He never moved (except his eye)









The Bridge was just as beautiful as I remember. Although I seem to recall that we could drive across it. Now it is strictly foot-traffic and bicycles.

The Doe River Covered Bridge

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It has been many years since I visited my alma mater, Milligan College. It is doubtful I would have attended this year had it not been for social media. One friend in particular, Treva, started weeks ago talking about coming back to Milligan for Homecoming weekend.

Since we needed some time away, we decided to make the drive to the mountains. So, we were Tennessee bound!

The Tennessee Chair Company

As is typical I took not one photo that included a person. Fortunately, my friend Jeannette was kind enough to share her photos (via a disk no less). There’s one of us visiting a favored hang out.


At Poor Richard's Deli photo by Jeannette Gardner

The town we stayed in Elizabethton TN has a lot of old southern charm. I’ll have more photos that show a smidge of the charm. However, this building spoke to me.

With classmate Bill Greer (AKA Milligan's New President) Photographer unknown

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Call a Time Out

I'm Watching the Waves

I’m still enjoying a few days off. Maybe, you should too 🙂

Today, I am sharing with you three reasons you should stake a vacation. Bon Voyage!

1. You’ll live longer.
The Framingham Heart Study, a decades-long research project into the causes and risk factors for heart disease, found a strong link between vacations and longevity.  Go away on vacation at least once a year and your risk of death falls by 20% compared with those who keep working.

2. You’ll strengthen your family.
A number of psychological studies have shown that buying experiences — such as a vacation — increases happiness more than buying possessions.  Go back to your own childhood for a minute: Can you list all the presents you got for each birthday? Probably not. But chances are you can still have clear memories from family trips taken decades ago. Travel strengthens family bonds by creating shared memories.

3. You’ll come back a more effective leader.
We all know that sometimes problems need a fresh eye. Yet we still come into the office, day after day, thinking we’ll be hit with a sudden burst of creativity amid the usual routines.

The only way to get a new perspective is to get away. That means at least a week off (not a quickie three-day weekend) with minimal office contact. Only once you’ve cleared your brain will there be room for new, creative ideas to flow.

In the immortal words of Nike….Just do it!

Call a Time Out

You can’t afford not to.

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The Power of Time-off

Americans Are More Stressed-Out Than Ever And Crave Time Off, But Work Woes Keep Majority From Taking All Their Vacation Days, Says New Survey By Westin Hotels

Nearly 70% Feel Healthier and 60% Feel Less Stressed after Vacation Though 75% Too Busy to Take Much-Needed Time Off

Use it or lose it, companies say. But with jobs at risk and economic woes lingering, more than half of American workers are too worried and busy to take all their vacation days, according to a survey released today by Westin Hotels & Resorts.

According to the Westin Hotels “Wellness in Travel” study of 1,500 Americans, more than half of workers fail to take all their vacation days. Just how desperately is America in need of some time off? More than half (58%) of respondents feel they are in more need of vacation than last year and 64% have canceled vacation due to work worries. The cancellations come even as respondents pine for the benefits of time away from their desks. More than 67% feel healthier on vacation, while 64% sleep better while taking some time off. Married folks take note – rest and relaxation can also contribute to wedded bliss. More than half of those surveyed feel taking vacation contributes to a stronger marriage.

Live happier, live longer, give yourself permission to take time off.

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