30 DAYS OF THANKFUL – DAY FIFTEEN: Sunshine and Rain

Today I am thankful for sunshine and rain both literally and figuratively.

I am thankful for rain and all the nourishing aspects of rain and for sunshine and all the nourishment it brings to our environment. My mother likes to talk about the weather. A particular fascination for her is the amount of rain she has received. I can remember as a child how she would document on a calendar the 1/10th of inches of rain and you analyze this data against data from other years. I remember many childhood suppers where this was ALL my folks discussed – YAWN!!

I believe our weather discussions frustrate both my mother and I equally. I have the attitude that the weather is going to do what it does with or without my attention; therefore, to spend time discussing and analyzing is wasted time. And obviously, my mother is a weather watcher!


photo via flickr @skatejpg

I am also thankful for the sunshine and rain in my life figuratively.

A silly ditty from an 80’s sitcom popped into my head as I wrote the above line – ‘you take the good, you take the bad and there you have the facts of life” – and I think it represents reality. Life is a combination of good and bad. Today I am equally thankful for the bad times which teach me so much and the good times which…well, are just good 🙂

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Yesterday was the first day of 2012 we reached 90° in Wilmington, NC. I think we’ve had a few brushes with 90 but over all we’ve had a mild spring. Weather is not something I pay much attention to, unless we’re hitting the extremes – drought, flood, hurricane, extreme hot or cold, etc etc. I probably wouldn’t have realized yesterday was our first day of 90° temps EXCEPT, when we came home yesterday around 5:30 it was hotter in our air conditioned house than it was outside!

We were running out to another meeting. So, I ran the thermostat down to 70° and left for the evening. When we returned home the house was cooler than it had been but still not as cool as it should be. Our neighbor is a mechanical genius and his specialty is refrigeration and heating and A/C. He is also one of those guys, like my dad, was who is always willing to help. When we called Rod his first words were ‘turn the system off, now! or you may burn up your compressor.’ I’ll be over soon.’ Naturally, we turned off the system ASAP and waited for Rod to arrive.

I held a flashlight as Rod checked our system he said our system was Okay and then we had a conversation that went something like this:

‘Have you ever cleaned your coils?’

‘ummmm, well, you did a couple of years ago.’

‘No, I cleaned the outside – I mean the coils inside your House’

‘There are coils inside the house?’

‘OH, you’re going to be amazed at how well your system can work and how much lower your electric bill will be once we clean your coils! Your system now is so clogged; it has to work hard to keep up and on these really hot days it just can’t cool your house’

photo via How Stuff Works

Naturally, I was full of ‘how’ questions. Then we discussed when we’d be able to get these things cleaned, etc. After Rod left, I started to think and it occurred to me that there are many things in my life that are just like my A/C unit. They’re working, but not as well as they used to. Sometimes doing simple things become complicated, not because of the thing itself but because of all the crap around it.

Night before last I attended a seminar by Brad Sugars, he’s an interesting speaker even though it was obvious he only wanted to sell me his books and ‘coaching’. I am also greatly bothered by the fact that I was unable to find a credible independent bio for Brad. However, Brad did make one point that fits nicely with what I am talking about in this post. Here’s my retelling of the story he told:

There was a guy (Mr Z) who had a business.  Mr Z was making deliveries for his business one day each week (8 hours) because he did not want to incur the expense of hiring a guy to do the deliveries. When questioned, Mr Z admitted it would take only two new accounts to be able to cover the salary of a delivery guy. Upon further questioning it was determined it would only take two hours of Mr Z’s time to secure two new accounts. The obvious question is why Mr Z was wasting 8 hours of his time on deliveries each week when he could be growing his business.

Because his coils were clogged!

Mr Z was so busy running his business he failed to grow his business. He needed to take the time and make the effort to step back and clean off the coils. He needed to strip away the dirt, grime and dog hair so that the system can run at capacity. It’s cheaper, easier and the system is less likely to break.

I have no doubt that cleaning off the coils of my life will not be as easy as cleaning the coils of my Air Conditioning unit. However, recognizing that the coils are dirty is a start toward getting them cleaned.

If you’re a business owner, what are you spending time on that you need to delegate? Where do you need to dust off the coils in how you do business?

What about your personal life? Are you carrying years of hurt? Are you holding on to guilt? Where do you need to clean the coils and let go of stuff so you can operate more efficiently?


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