Take a Step in the Right Direction

Today I am sharing with you a post I wrote last September. I hope it will mean as much to you today as it did last year.

My friend Mary is an avid paddler. She holds a professional job and cares for her elderly parents but every weekend, you will find Mary in her canoe or kayak on some river or waterway paddling away her frustrations. This past weekend, Mary paddled a marathon (that is 26 miles for those of us who are not marathoners) on flat water (i.e. no current to carry you).

The day after the marathon event, I sat down with Mary to hear all about her adventure. She described her adventure as perfect because there were natural intermittent goals along the way.  The trip was planned around a Y-shaped waterway; the first leg was up the shaft of the Y and up the right arm. At this point, there was a dam and a place to stop for a ‘natural break’ as well as to take on sustenance.

When it comes to reaching any goal, having smaller goals within the goal creates a sense of accomplishment. The big goal does not feel so out of reach because you have the smaller celebrations along the way.

Whether your goal is running a marathon, writing a book, or cleaning your house breaking the task into small mini-goals is an ego boost. The time to pat yourself on the back and say ‘look how far I have come!’ You also have the opportunity to mark your progress. How do you eat an elephant? One-bite at a time. How do you reach your goal? One-step at a time.

Take a step today toward your goal.  A giant step or a baby step, it doesn’t matter, just take the step!


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