There is a Lesson Everywhere – Even in Game Night

Wednesday night is game night at our house. As I began to write this I tried to sum up how Wednesdays came to be game night and quickly abandoned the long explanation (that adds nothing to the purpose of my story). You’ll need to just be content knowing Game Night is Wednesday Night and it is SACRED!

The evening always begins the same….we eat! However, we eat family style (AKA old school) we sit at the table and talk while we consume anything from pizza to black bean soup. The conversation is all over the map (as are the age ranges of the participants), some weeks we spend a lot of time on High School or College type things; in other weeks we discuss politics or religion or well, whatever. Every opinion matters and every opinion is respected…even when we roll our eyes! 🙂 The game experience matches with the other aspects – all over the map! From wii to yahtzee to ‘oh crap, it’s the end of the night and we never got around to a game’.

Mr Beau Vine at Game Night

Lately we (OKAY, maybe me) have become enamored with a game called Rummikub®. (NOTE: If you’re interested in the game the Wikipedia link give a good description of the history and the rules; because my explanations will be VERY incomplete.) The game is played with tiles, players ‘lay-down’ runs or sets and can play off others run or sets – here is where this game gets interesting – players can also rearrange any or all tiles to create new runs or sets in their quest to ‘lay down’ all  their tiles.

I know what you’re thinking – WHY are you explaining this game to me?!?

I’m getting there….promise!

So, last night while we’re playing it occurred to me how much life is like Rummikub®. We all have strengths (our tiles) and sometimes those stand on their own. However, sometimes we need the strengths of others (their tiles) to be able to use what we have.

The fun of the game is figuring out how it all fits together!

Here’s the other great lesson in the game – there is no absolute right way for the tiles to be played. We all see them differently and everyone makes the plays they see (even when others may see totally different plays).

I am guilty of getting caught up in the idea that my way of doing something is the ‘right way’ when the reality is that my way is just one way. It may be the easiest most efficient way <grin> but others may have a way that is just as simple for them.

Today I am working on being mindful that another’s way of doing something (albeit less efficient <grin>) may be just as effective. I am also being thankful for the strengths and talents of those around me who make my strengths and talents that much better!

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