Change is Harder than moving Hands on a Clock

Last week, I wrote about small circles of change. And I have been working hard at putting that principle to work in my life.  However, this message became very clear to me this morning via an unlikely source….my dogs.

Time changed over the weekend! For most parts of the United States we changed our clocks on Saturday Night to go from Daylight Savings Time back to standard time. This time of year we “Fall Back” Which means we get to do things an hour later.

Except my DOGS, who are VERY accurate at time telling, don’t use clocks!

They are blissfully unaware that when they wake everyone up at the usual 7:00am time that they are really waking up an hour earlier. Breakfast and supper time did not change for them; they still think it should happen at the ‘usual time’ no matter what the clock says.


Wrigley's 'Do You Know What Time It Is?' Look

We, the humans, try to make the change easier by shifting the time a little each day until we have convinced them, the canine units, to eat and wake on a ‘new schedule’.

It occurred to me this morning as I was grumbling about being “awake an hour early” that as humans we often expect change to be automatic.

We start a diet – and immediately start to weigh ourselves to see the change.

We begin and exercise program – and immediately think we should feel better.

We begin to practice playing an instrument – and expect to play Mozart.

And on and on and on…….

Change is hard!

I am still creating small circles of change and defending them. I’ve  just added in a new one (getting the dogs to change their ‘tummy clocks’).

What about you?

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