What are you learning from your mistakes?

Learning to make better decisions is an easy way to insure a better tomorrow.

Here is some guidance for decision-making:

  1. Do not let your emotions blind your reasoning. Weigh all sides carefully.
  2. Consider all your options. Try to look into the future and see long-range consequences. Is the short-term gain worth the long-term costs?
  3. Never make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances.
  4. Surround yourself with intelligent and insightful people and draw on their knowledge.
  5. Choose your battles carefully. Winning is not always worth the cost of battle.
  6. Consider the consequences both the negative and the positive. What is the worst that can happen or what is the best? Am I ready to handle the outcome?
  7. Take time to get all the facts; conjecture leads to crisis.
  8. Have realistic expectations. (i.e. If you can’t sing, don’t try to be Elvis)
  9. Do not waste time. It is the most limited and valuable resource you have use it purposefully.
  10. Sleep on it. It is impossible to put a value on the view from a well-rested mind. Remember, things look different in the light of day.

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