What can Twitter do for your Company?

I am a twittering fool. I absolutely love the medium. Frequently, when I am blabbering on about twitter, I encounter the blank stares of those who have not yet caught the twitter bug. I must admit my first encounter with twitter ended with a ‘what’s the big deal” response and a six month hiatus.

I have previously described the moment my love affair with twitter was solidified forever. What I have yet to share is why my experiences with other businesses on twitter. A few months ago, I was attempting to expedite an order for an item I needed for my business. As is my usual, I mentioned my endeavor on twitter. Within hours, I was communicating with someone from the company and they were able to facilitate my needs. The amazing thing is that this was not an isolated incident, it has happened repeatedly.

My favorite happened this past Thanksgiving. I had traveled to my mom’s for the Holiday and on Black Friday participated in the American tradition of shopping. While in the mall, I encountered a kiosk for my favorite bakery. I rushed over to inquire if they had Chocolate Éclairs. They did, I bought one for each of us and promptly settled in to enjoy my éclair break. Of course, I twittered about my joy in the midst of my black Friday experience. Soon, I received a message from Dewey’s Bakery

Deweys tweet

If your company is not on twitter, you are missing the opportunity to have active dialog with your customer. You are missing the chance to up sell. You are missing instant feedback on your product, service, and company as a whole. AND you are missing the ability to put out a fire before it flames out of control. If you can calm an irate customer and save their business, they will appreciate you and not spend their time degrading you.

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