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Did you know that only about three out of every 100 people ever actually decide on their goal? When I read this statistic, I was astounded. I know people who often joke (or at least I thought it was a joke) that they never decided what they wanted to be when they grew up. A recent study said that people were 75% more likely to reach their goal, if they journal the experience.

My first ‘real’ job was working for a law firm. I had to bill a certain number of hours each day to clients. Therefore, I needed to accurately document what I did each day and which client I was working for at any given time. I quickly discovered a day-timer as my preferred method of keep this documentation. It was easy for me to jot notes in the time slots as my day-timer sat on my desk. I soon began to document all sorts of information, including personal goals.

I have continued this habit although I have not worked for a law firm for almost 10 years. I still write my schedule, appointments, and goals in a calendar. I document my exercise regiment, my eating habits, my blood sugar and any other goals I may be working on at any given time. Having this type of journal keeps me focused on what I wish to attain, but also lets me recognize and acknowledge my successes.

I am not suggesting that everyone should use a calendar journal. I do always suggest using a journal to record success and setbacks.  For some an online journal may be best or perhaps a blog to publicly (or privately) record success.

Set yourself up for success.

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