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Yesterday began as any other Saturday for me. The alarm sounded before 6am. I avoided getting out of bed. Then rushed to leave the house and to arrive at and be set up for the Carolina Beach Farmers Market before eight o’clock. At the conclusion of market we broke down, had lunch with friends, unloaded the truck then headed to the couch and relaxation. On an ordinary Saturday my day would have ended there….on the couch!

I often think about, and occasionally will even voice, my lamentations over the life I used to have (full of fun as I recall) and the life I want to have (full of fun) and the life I am living (napping on the couch).

Yesterday, I broke with the norm and after a short nap I, although still tired, got up and got dressed and headed out to a Derby Party. We have been invited to the Derby Party for several years, we always want to attend, but it has conflicted with Mother’s Day. This year there was no such conflict.

Upon returning home last night, I was so glad I forced myself off the couch; Even though at the time I wanted to continue my nap. When I awoke this morning, I had a revelation booming in my head –


This is Your Life! You are here!


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It might be nice to be able to look down at your feet and see a dot that said ‘You Are Here – Is this where you want/need to be?’ However, in real life we do not get these visual reminders. So we must remind ourselves that –

You can not live the life you want by dreaming, wishing, or imagining. Living the life you want requires action, engagement, and motion.

You see, I have been lamenting not having the life, experiences, et cetera I want while making excuses for why I can’t/won’t do the things necessary to have the life, experiences, et cetera I want. If I (or you) want to have a life full of more than napping on the couch, we must get off the couch and Do something!

The memories of all my fun times were made because I got off the couch and did something. My ideas of what will be fun are all of things to do and not napping on the couch.

What are you doing today?

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